acoustic ECOLOGY

The yearning for silence

Quiet is the new sound. Intelligent sound solutions for people and brands.

Hearing is like breathing.

Our ears haven’t been strained by so much noice surrounding us as never before. We need sound for our well-being, we need sound to navigate through our daily life.

Sound structures interactions in digital surroundings and can enhance the usability of products. Well-tuned sounds can lead to decresing stress levels and the pormotion of health and wellbeing in work environements or other physical or digital spaces. 

Acoustic Ecology

Audio Assets - effective and well-sounding

Audio Assets

Brand, Sales & Service Experience

  • Health

    Use sound in your central health management.

    The correct use of sound effectively helps to increase our concentration and reduce stress at the same time.

  • Point of Sale / PoS

    For more satisfied customers.

    We offer sound solutions that increase the length of stay of your customers and reduce interference factors.

  • Workspace

    For more productivity in the workplace.

    We support you in ensuring that noisy working environments become places of well-being.

  • Public Spaces

    Sound in public spaces.

    Highly functional sound surfaces can control moods in public spaces and improve our human interaction.

  • Service

    For relaxed customer contact.

    We show you how acoustic-ecological measures can turn your customer dialogue into a pleasant service experience.

  • Hotel Industry & Gastronomy

    Create a place to feel good.

    The sensory impression of your guests becomes a real feel-good experience through the right sound.


Stella Odovic

Project & customer management

Patrick Nölke


Executive board l Creation, innovation & technology

Celine Gorke

Journey Managerin (audio/voice) l DACH


Sound of silence.

comevis unites a sonorous quintet of acoustic disciplines [acoustic BRANDING I ECOLOGY I INTERACTION I TRACKING I THINKING]  at the highest level. In this way, we can respond to your wishes and requirements in a way that’s fully oriented towards your needs.

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