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Audible Experience

UX Sound Design | Audio/Voice Innovation

Deutsche Post DHL

Deutsche Post DHL is an international logistics company that offers mail and parcel services as well as express and freight transportation. It is one of the largest employers in Germany and a global leader in the logistics industry.

Since 2012, we have been supporting the Deutsche Post DHL Group with an acoustic service design in acoustic brand, sales and service communication.

Image source: Deutsche Post DHL Mediathek

Sound of Deutsche Post DHL

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Image source: Deutsche Post DHL Mediathek

Reference quote

"Deutsche Post is the largest logistics and postal company in the world. When developing sound, voice and dialog, it was important to us that the customer experience and trust are constantly and positively tangible."

Dr. Marc Hitschfeld

Vice President Consumers, Customer Service MAIL and DHL Parcel

Deutsche Post DHL

"Deutsche Post wants to consistently exploit all the potential of service and brand communication in customer dialog. Our customers value and demand reliable quality, demand-oriented services and personal proximity from us. comevis has implemented these central elements through contemporary phone branding and integrated them into the new service design. The aim is to provide an optimized service experience."

Eckhard Schlingmann

Former head of the customer service division

Deutsche Post DHL

Audio Code

Using audio coding, Deutsche Post DHL methodically translates the relevant brand values into unique audible codes based on data.

Grafic of Tone of Voice from Deutsche Post DHL

Voice Code

The Deutsche Post DHL Audible Experience is complemented by clearly defined voice codes.

Customer Experience (CX)

Deutsche Post DHL Specials

Deutsche Post DHL has a fully comprehensive Audible Experience that is also tailored to seasons and events.

For example, there is a World Cup Sound Edition or an Acoustic Service Design "X-Mas", which raises the customer experience (CX) to a higher level.

Audible Service Design


A.I. Content Creation offers a new way to customize the acoustic service design. DHL flexibly designs the infotainment area with our "Audio it Yourself Tool".

With the Creator, short audio files can be created quickly and easily in real time without any major planning, audio engineering or mixing. With over 66 voices, the Creator offers access to the best neural and classic TTS voices.

Callflow of Deutsche Post DHL




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