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Sony Mobile
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Sony Mobile

Acoustic brand, sales and service communication. Strategies, creations and designs follow the comevis methodology of C-Profiling©. 

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Sony Mobile Acoustics

Goal: Increase auditory performance at defined contact points.
[Analysis | Strategy development | Creation | Realization].

Sony Corporate Music - comevis
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Sony Mobile Infotainment - comevis
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Sony Service Design X-Mas Edition - comevis
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International voice recordings

Sony Infotainment PL - comevis
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Sony Infotainment IT - comevis
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Sony Infotainment FR - comevis
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"comevis offers professional know-how in the areas of sound, voice, dialogue, competent knowledge and strategic advice in service, conception and implementation. Especially in the layouting process, we felt confidently advised and supported by the unique profiling methods. It was important for us to pick up our customers with the right tonality, because the right tonality creates acceptance and trust. With the high sound quality, we demonstrate professionalism and set ourselves apart from the competition."

Jens Gerster

Director Customer Service
Sony Mobile

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