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Yves Rocher
Audio Branding | Audio Marketing | Audio Experience

Yves Rocher

Since 2008, we have been supporting Yves Rocher in

acoustic brand, sales and service communication.

Strategies, creations and designs follow the comevis methodology of C-Profiling©. 

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Yves Rocher Acoustics

Goal: Increase auditory performance at defined contact points.
[Analysis | Strategy development | Creation | Realization].

Yves Rocher Infotainment - comevis
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"Inspiration, emotion, well-being, clarity, freshness, nature, beauty - the sound of Yves Rocher perfectly implements our vision. Extraordinary and enchanting - this is confirmed with customer satisfaction at the Daily Touchpoints."

Norbert Klügel, Customer Service Manager
Yves Rocher 

Reference quote

Spaziergang durch Blumenfeld

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