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Audio/Voice Innovation | Service Experience

TK Elevator

We have been with TK Elevator since 2021, providing the company with unique audio/voice solutions in 31 languages. 

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Audio/Voice Design by
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"As the world's leading elevator systems company, our world literally never stands still. As part of an innovation project, we paid special attention to the topic of Acoustic Service Design. In particular, the C-Tools from the comevis C-Cloud support us in this. It is thus a service experience on a whole new and innovative level." 


Ralph Berner

Head of Customer Excellence DACH

TK Elevator

Peter Henke

Head of Digital Transformation

TK Elevator

Christoph Prandstätter-Andert

Senior Manager Marketing Content & Creation
Business Unit Europe Africa

TK Elevator

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Ralph Berner

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Peter Henke

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Christoph Prandstätter-Andert

Sound Architecture

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Mikrofon Nahaufnahme



Objective: Increasing auditory performance at defined contact points.
[Analysis | Strategy Development | Creation | Realization].

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Tone of Voice

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The comevis C-Cloud plays a central role in TKE Acoustic Service Design.
Using the Creator, we enable TKE to achieve maximum flexibility and efficiency in customer communication. 

Hybrid Audio/Voice Service Design

A.I. Content Creation offers a new way to customize the acoustic service design.TKE flexibly designs the infotainment area with our "Audio it Yourself Tool".With the Creator, short audio movies can be created quickly and easily by yourself in real time without much planning, audio engineering or mixing. With over 66 voices, Creator provides access to the best neural and classic TTS voices.

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Note: The audio files are in German




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