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  • Redner|Referenten|Vortragende

    Audio branding or corporate sound as an integral part of the corporate identity consists of acoustic branding and enables effective audio marketing.

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    Corporate Soundtoolbox "Video" and "Podcast"

    A specially developed sound toolbox allows corporate communications to easily take control of the voice over your content. 

  • User Experience.png

    User Experience (UX) Sound Design

    UX sound design is all about the user experience. The more pleasantly a user can perceive and experience a product or service auditively, the more the company is remembered.

  • Modell in Schwarz-Weiß

    Words can inform and inspire,
    motivate and animate, paint and make music that appeals to feelings and reason.

  • Voice Assistance.webp

    Voice Assistance & Alexa Skill Design

    Voice control is the key to successful man-machine communication. 

    The tonal, vocal and dialogical quality of voice apps leads to successful voice assistance - "eyes and hands free".

  • Kopfhörer und Noten

    Distinctive sound logos (also: audio logos) differentiate brands and increase their recognition value. They represent the brand values in a nutshell – concise and flexible.

  • Redner|Referenten|Vortragende

    Unlike other elements of acoustic brand management, corporate soundscapes work in the background, creating a pleasant atmosphere at the Point of Information.

  • weißen Kopfhörer

    Sounds set moods, give identity, provide orientation and convey reproduceable positive feelings. Brand sound worlds create a positively charged atmosphere that creates trust and connectedness.

  • internationale-Sprachaufnahmen1-660x370-

    Comfortable global communication with comevis.

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