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Logo von Oventrop

Audible Experience

Worldwide sound branding with acoustic guiding idea | sound logo incl. sonic code | corporate sound library

Oventrop: New brand - new acoustic branding

As part of the 2020 brand relaunch of Oventrop, comevis developed a suitable audio/voice strategy for the SHK professionals. The focus was particularly on digital brand, sales and service communication.


The holistic sound branding for Oventrop, including sonic code, includes a corporate sound logo as its core. The corporate sound library makes the new brand sound highly flexible in all advertising adaptations, uniquely applicable and, above all, recognizable. 


Reference quote


"The Oventrop Sonic Code and the Oventrop Sound Architecture as innovation building blocks. comevis realized a fully comprehensive sound branding - from a corporate sound logo to the creation of the holistic corporate sound with its own sound toolbox, the corporate voice including fixing the tone of voice - as well as all adaptations for our now particularly sonorous touchpoints. The highly experienced specialists impressed us with their consistently methodical approach and always hit the right note. We look forward to many sonorous contact experiences together with our customers and partners."

Michael Scheller

Head of Marketing & Product Management

Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG

Excellent work

Our client Oventrop received the German Brand Award in June 2021 in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation Brand Revival of the Year", the German Brand Award.

"We are proud to accompany Oventrop on this courageous path, are happy about an effective sound branding and congratulate from the bottom of our hearts!"

Stephan Nölke

Geschäftsführer l CEO


German Brand Award 2021 Oventrop 2.PNG
German Brand Award 2021 Oventrop.PNG
Moderne Küche

This is how Oventrop sounds

The internationally rolled out Oventrop Sound Branding was developed along the Oventrop guiding principle "intelligent modularity". In order to meet this demand, brand and product specific material sounds were transferred into a flexibly applicable corporate sound library. This gives Oventrop a down-to-earth sound impression and at the same time emphasizes the future-oriented and precision-loving orientation of the brand across all contact points.

More about our corporate sound library here

Oventrop Corporate Soundlogo - comevis
Oventrop Corporate Jingle - comevis

Corporate Soundlogo


Audio Code

Using audio coding, the relevant brand values of Oventrop methodically and data-based uniquely translated into audible codes.

Oventrop Corporate Music - comevis
Oventrop Corporate Soundscape - comevis

Corporate Sound Library

For the highly flexible use of sound, especially for video communication, we created a corporate sound library especially for Oventrop. This contains individually composed, brand-compatible sounds and music loops, which Oventrop can easily use itself. 


The advantage: Maximum flexibility in terms of dramaturgy, video length and genre, as well as the certainty that only brand-compliant sounds are used in a targeted manner.


Tone of Voice

The Oventrop Audible Experience is complemented by clearly defined voice codes that are carefully designed to create a distinctive and engaging voice environment. These voice codes reinforce the brand identity and provide users with an immersive and memorable vocal experience.

360 Degree Soundbranding

Here, too, we supported Oventrop. What exactly is behind Oventrop's 360 degree sound branding can be read in the Oventrop brand portal in the section "Sound Branding":

Click here to go to the Oventrop brand portal

audio-voice touchpoints 2020 BK.png

Audio/Voice Service Design
Hotlines worldwide



Waiting loop

Audio/Voice Service Design X-Mas

TKE Callflow 3.png



Brand in the room

Unique soundscapes for trade fairs and events

You can listen to what this special trade fair soundscape sounded like here:

How Oventrop sounds at trade fairs

Oventrop Messe Day - comevis
Oventrop Messe Evening - comevis
Oventrop Forum - comevis
Messestand von Oventrop
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