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What does modernity sound like? What acoustics are behind e-Innovation? And what does a premium service for everyone sound like? We have been asking ourselves all these questions together with Volkswagen since 2019. Worldwide and in around 30 languages, we support Volkswagen in the area of Audio/Voice Service Design and provide audible innovation. 

Premium service for everyone


e-mobility + digital services



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"What does modernity sound like? What does e-innovation sound like? And what does premium service for all sound like?
We are pleased to have found in comevis, a particularly innovative partner for our global project "E-Mobility - Customer Contact Experience" and are therefore successfully shaping our premium service audible - tangible - unique."

The project team of the Customer Interaction Center

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Project Statement


Auditive Principle & Sound Architecture


Volkswagen Voices

Volkswagen's international voices are more than 30 native speakers selected by us. For the international rollout, we can customize the voice branding to the respective market and address the specific requirements for voice and tone of voice individually and precisely.

Tone of Voice

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Audio/Voice Interaction Design

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