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Audible Sales Experience

Audio/Voice Innovationen


For more than 130 years & with 127,000 employees, Michelin has been developing tyres, services and solutions to sustainably improve mobility. In addition, Michelin is a publisher of travel, hotel and restaurant guides as well as country and road maps on 5 continents and is known worldwide.

With the aim of offering a unique sales and service experience, we developed a strategic service design. This includes a particularly easy-to-understand interaction concept, a hybrid voice concept (professional voice & synthetic voice), as well as unique sound atmospheres that create an optimal atmosphere and mood in the sales process.

Michelin uses our award-winning C-Cloud "Application Suite" (A.I. Audio/Voice Tools) for content generation in the "Audible Experience" area (sales/service).

Together we are breaking new ground in auditory service and interaction design.

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Reference quote

"Thanks to comevis' hybrid customer experience, our customers experience Michelin's modular service evolution. From the methodical approach to the scalable implementation, the result is a situational and professional design strategy that combines brand image, user acceptance and pioneering technology. Thanks to the latest TTS technology from comevis, we are experiencing a ground-breaking Audible Service Experience. This innovative solution is not only easy to implement, but also gives us the flexibility to personalise our customer communications while underlining our unique audible brand identity. The new standard for how we interact with our customers."

Sebastian Reh 

Head of Sales Development Management


Phillip Ulleim

Regional Sales Manager Germany


Aaron Kochhar

Sales Development Manager


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Bild von Philipp Ulleim
Bild von Sebastian Reh
Bild von Aaron Kochhar

Audio/Voice Code

Audio Code

Using audio coding, Michelin's relevant brand and service values are methodically and uniquely translated into audible codes based on data. A pulsating brand/service rhythm conveys the smart and innovative orientation of Michelin's product portfolio, while a warm, soft brand harmony emphasises the brand's reliable claim.

Grafik Audio Code von Michelin

Voice Code

The Michelin Audible Service Experience is complemented by clearly defined voice codes. The female voice encodes the relevant brand values such as humanity and sustainability through empathy and down-to-earthness. In contrast, the male voice focuses on innovation and dynamism and stands for technical expertise. The claim to leadership thus meets the determination to break new ground.

Grafik Voice Code von Michelin

C-Cloud "Application Suite"

C-Cloud "Application Suite"

The central platform with A.I. audio/voice applications for BX/CX/UX

Michelin consistently uses our C-Cloud "Application Suite". Michelin's Audio/Voice Experience relies on the innovative application possibilities, especially in the area of content creation using the Creator of the comevis C-Cloud.

Audible Service Experience


A.I. Content Creation offers a new way to customise the hybrid service design. Michelin designs its content flexibly with our "Audio it Yourself Tool".

Grafik Acoustic Service Design Michelin




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