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Audio it yourself: Worldwide unique Creator Tool - 3 reasons for it

Aktualisiert: 23. März 2022

Brands & agencies use our award-winning C-Tools with intelligent audio/voice control and self-service content generation. This makes code-based sound branding and agile audio marketing easy to use.

Today we introduce the unique Creator from the C-Cloud:

THE "DIY tool for audio/voice generation" 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is how our customers affectionately refer to our Creator.

graphic: 66 Voices, 31 Languages and 100% Branded Soundmasking

We have 66 voices of the best neural and classical TTS voices in currently up to 31 languages in our repertoire. We offer multilingualism and combinations of male and female voices to enable maximum flexibility. In this way, potentials can be optimally utilised.

Another special feature is branded sound masking, which enables the processing and use of individual brand sounds and thus makes your brand uniquely recognisable.

With the Creator, audio files can be created quickly and easily in real time without extensive planning, audio engineering or mixing. In this way, we enable our customers to work with their audio files themselves and to use them stringently at all touchpoints without the need for large and extensive sound productions.

Portrait von Patrick Claude Noelke

Patrick Claude Nölke

Procurator, Executive board | Creation, innovation & technology

"We offer our customers worldwide unique opportunities that allow them to apply state-of-the-art technologies easily and affordably."


Audio/Voice File Generation (DIY) - Here's how:

After entering what the audio file should contain textually and with which soundmood, the Creator does the rest and delivers the finished file. This is then immediately available for download in all common formats. If, for example, the server is down and a telephone announcement is needed quickly, the Creator can create the necessary voice track and automates the audio voice production.

The Creator is particularly interesting for service managers and telephony systems. However, many of our customers also use it for the dubbing of internal training videos. Above all, it makes everyday work easier and allows for maximum spontaneity.

Companies receive audio/voice files in real time without any complications and without needing a great deal of specialist knowledge - because this is concentrated in our Creator. Creator - Request Demo

The 3 reasons (use cases) of the Creator:

1. International Producing

Production in over 31 languages and with 66 voices.

2. Ad hoc Producing

3 Hybrid Applications - New Digital Interaction


Because innovation is our crescendo! Innovation award for the unique C-Cloud Tools 🎉

Innovationsprei für comevis

comevis was awarded the renowned and science-based innovation prize Top100 for the innovative Application Suite from the C-Cloud and honoured by Ranga Yogeshwar.

Linda Zerwakes 0:25; Ranga Yogeshwar 0:48; Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke 1:57; Stephan Vincent Nölke 3:10

Click here for the complete article about the Innovation Award.

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