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New DEVK sound logo: When familiar becomes future-proof

Together with comevis, DEVK (an important German insurance company) decided on a new, modern and digitally capable modern sound cosmos.

It was known, it was popular, it worked: DEVK's audio logo. Together with the experts from comevis, DEVK took the plunge and, despite the success of the existing sound branding, decided on a new brand sound cosmos. The consistent further development of the high-profile acoustic logo now offers new potential for audible brand digitalization.

Woman with headphones and cell phone on the road

Into the digital age with brand innovation

Digitalization is making itself felt in all areas of life - but especially in the area of sound branding. Because: We can neither smell nor feel the digital space. We can only see and hear it. This makes audio and voice immensely important and, by reducing it to just two senses, gives it a completely different weighting. Together with DEVK and its agencies, we focus on this aspect and the related requirements for sounds and voices.

The new DEVK sound logo

At the center of the acoustic branding is the new sound logo, which reflects the brand's values with just a few sounds, while remaining fresh and eye-catching. However, voice branding and the development of a holistic brand sound library also lead to an extensive audio/voice innovation of the brand.

Sebastian Greiner, Head of Marketing DEVK & Christiane Niehaus, Senior Specialist Creation/ Media/ Brand Management DEVK

"Activeness is always a driver of our brand. Together with comevis, we explored what Activeness means in the digital age and how it can be experienced acoustically. As a result, our newly interpreted, fresh and attention-grabbing sound logo now carries through our audio-visual campaigns - without denying the acoustic past. Our new audio/voice codes are compelling and fun."

Taking this step was a very brave one. DEVK's old sound logo was well-known for many years. Whether it was a TV or radio spot, users knew what DEVK sounded like and demonstrably reacted positively to it. And yet, the best sound logo can go out of fashion and no longer fit into the latest developments of the here and now. So DEVK has courageously and self-confidently embarked on a new, particularly sonorous path together with comevis.


Together to the new Brand Sound

On the way to the new Brand Sound cosmos, we had the pleasure of working with DEVK's in-house agencies "Grabarz und Partner" and "Radikant".

"A collaboration that we enjoyed very much and that led to extraordinary holistic results. For such a formative and bold rebranding, we also relied on psychological market research and partnered with the Cologne-based market research institute IMW. This allowed us to build the new code-based sound profiles on profound numbers and developments and see exactly what the target audience needs to listen to."

Stephan Vincent Nölke, Managing Director of comevis GmbH & Co KG


Know more! Sonorous brands!

Brands and agencies use our methodology, strategy and creation expertise for code-based sound branding. In addition, the comevis C-Cloud "Application-Suite (Audio/Voice)" offers unique A.I. based management & analysis tools.

This enriches acoustic branding with agile and proactive performance.


Alexander Thesing

Executive board |

Creation, strategy & science

"Redesigning a familiar sound logo or even an entire brand sound cosmos is a courageous step that not every brand is willing to take. We look back on a great project and are proud of the audible result."

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