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Best practice BVB

Opens up new dimensions in audio branding.

BVB sound experience. Acoustic brand identity.

Unique in the German Bundesliga.

BVB – a truly sonic experience.

‘"The acoustics specialists from comevis have been supporting our acoustic brand management since 2016. For us, this means making an intensive football experience audible at our sonic contact points."

Mr. Dennis C. Thom

Head of Marketing

Borussia Dortmund



Audio Branding

Pure audible emotion!

There’s no need to say anything more about the new BVB Sounds, which thrillingly convey the passion and sense of unity of a major team.

BVB 09 Sound Power - comevis
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The goal is to offer Borussia Dortmund fans a very special experience in BVB’s fan worlds, one that truly conveys what it’s like to be in the stadium.

Stadium sounds, recorded live, create a real match-day atmosphere.


What voice could be better for Borussia Dortmund than stadium announcer and former striker Nobby Dickel? He’s the perfect speaker for Borussia Dortmund and working with him is simply a delight.


In addition, we have found a great female voice for certain touch points.

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