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Take the audio dubbing of your content into your own hands with ease!


Setting the tone has never been easier.
Our specially designed sound toolbox contains individually composed sound modules. 


3 steps to audibly more performance

1. Find content with the Library Profiler
2. Select & download
3. Apply & profit

An outstanding soundtrack consists of numerous sound elements (e.g. intro, music, various sound effects, outro, etc.). Based on our proven methodology C-Profiling, you will receive a corporate sound toolbox with various distinctive music loops, which allows you to easily add sound to your projects according to your own ideas.

Application areas

Video / Social Media

Podcast / Radio

Events & Livestreams

The special feature: The toolbox offers maximum flexibility in terms of dramaturgy, video length and genre thanks to the wide range of effects of the loops, while ensuring that only sounds that conform to the brand are used in a targeted manner. 

In order to be able to apply your brand sounds in the best possible structured and systematic way and, above all, in the spirit of the brand, you can receive the corresponding, precisely fitting sound guidelines [sonic codes] in addition to your sound toolbox on request.

Best Practice | Sensirion

Reference quote


"Our new corporate sound represents the shaping of identity and ensures a clearly recognizable profile for our brand in terms of awareness and likeability.
For us, comevis stands for - First Class Sound Branding and Brand experiences through music, sound and voice".

Katharina Jacobi

Director Marketing & Communications
Sensirion AG, Switzerland

Corporate Sound Toolbox

Image by Samuel Ferrara

Sound of Sensirion

Level #1


The ideal start

Level #2


Strategic & particularly performant



Stella Odovic

Consultant & Project Management

Alexander Thesing


Executive Board | Creation, Strategy & Science

Mailin Berghaus

Consultant & Project Management