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Corporate Soundscapes are staged soundscapes, effective sound foundations for the athmospheric experience, which are used on a large scale. The term is derived from Raymond Murray Schafer, a contemporary Canadian music researcher, author and composer.


Corporate Soundscapes are used at the Point of Sale (PoS) or Point of Information (PoI), in shops and department stores, exhibitions, company foyers and trade fair stands as well as on websites.


Corporate soundscapes must be precisely adapted to the brand so that the sound surfaces are perceived as positive and not disturbing as possible.


They play a particularly important role in the interface design of telephone contact and service portals: here, corporate soundscapes provide a convincing system aura without distracting from the dialogue path.

Consultation call

Corporate Soundscape

Compared to other elements of acoustic brand management, corporate soundscapes work in the background, creating a pleasant atmosphere at the point of information.

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