acoustic THINKING

for your audio/voice customer journey

In our digitally transformed times, sound & voice are creating ever more innovative possibilities to rethink brand, sales and service (keyword Alexa & Co.), and at all other contact points known to us (e.g. telephony, YouTube video, TV, radio, podcast, PoS, etc.) there is usually a lot of unheard-of potential. 

Moreover, in a world that has never been so loud as now, ecologically sustainable action is the benchmark of our time for all of us.   

Main questions


What and how do your customers hear along their experienced auditory customer journey [audio/voice]?


How do your employees and business partners experience your company / your brand acoustically?


How does the sustainability of your company sound along the customer journey?

NEW! acoustic THINKING Briefings

3 webinars especially for your team/company

  • audio/voice BRIEFING "New ways of acoustic communication"

    Audible digitalization for brand, sales and service.


    Learn all about the importance of audio/voice in your customers’ journey and explore great potentials for sonorous communication with your customers.

  • audio/voice BRIEFING


    Effective podcasts, ads & spots in the environment of e.g. Spotify, LinkedIn, Instagram,...


    Discover possibilities to successfully increase the advertising effectiveness of your communication measures in the digital environment (e.g. streaming, podcast, social media,...) by means of audio/voice.

  • audio/voice BRIEFING

    "Smart Services"

    Voice Apps & Skills (Alexa & Co.) as the perfect complement to your telephone communication.


    Experience the potential offered by interactive audio/voice technologies to intelligently automate your service - for increased performance, cost savings and competitive differentiation.

Our acoustic THINKING Tools

Modules for your perfect start

  • acousticINTERACTION


    For your interactive audio/voice customer journey.

    We approach the role of interactive audio/voice assets in your customers’ journey and identify weaknesses and potentials.

  • acousticPERFORMANCE


    For a strategic transition of your corporate identity into sound.

    Together with you, we define the audible red thread for your sonorous communication - along your auditory customer journey.

  • acousticECOLOGY


    Expert knowledge on acoustic-ecological issues.

    Together we identify and develop individual possibilities for the optimal use of sound in your company to increase productivity and well-being.



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Project & customer management

Lars Niessen

Consultant | acoustic science & design

Patrick Nölke


Executive board l Creation, innovation & technology


Sound of new paths.

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