acoustic THINKING

for your audio/voice customer journey

In our digitally transformed times, sound & voice are creating ever more innovative possibilities to rethink brand, sales and service (keyword Alexa & Co.), and at all other contact points known to us (e.g. telephony, YouTube video, TV, radio, podcast, PoS, etc.) there is usually a lot of unheard-of potential. 

Moreover, in a world that has never been so loud as now, ecologically sustainable action is the benchmark of our time for all of us.   

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Main questions


What and how do your customers hear along their experienced auditory customer journey [audio/voice]?


How do your employees and business partners experience your company / your brand acoustically?


How does the sustainability of your company sound along the customer journey?

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Stella Odovic

Project & customer management


Lars Niessen

Consultant | acoustic science & design

Patrick Nölke


Executive board l Creation, innovation & technology


Sound of new paths.