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Audio Branding l Sound Branding l Sonic Branding

Audio branding or corporate sound as an integral part of the corporate identity consists of acoustic branding and enables effective audio marketing.

Definition: Audio Branding / Sound Branding / Sonic Branding

Audio branding (also called sound branding) and audio marketing are used to refer to the strategic positioning that communicates the uniqueness of a company, brand or products by using a recognisable sound field to make them stand out from the competition. Some of the most well-known elements are the jingle and brand music.

Audio brands unite the brand under an overarching sound identity and simultaneously differentiate them. This means that the brand’s auditory components reflect both the company’s sound identity and make use of targeted and very specific acoustic brand elements:

Acoustic branding also means always customising or adjusting the sound for the relevant medium, e.g. TV, radio, PoS, website, telephones or mobile apps and varying them in length and mood, while still always ensuring they remain part of the holistic brand management.

Audible stimuli have an unquestionable influence on attitude towards a brand, willingness to buy and purchasing behaviour – they are particularly effective at communicating information when directly linked with emotions. Brand sound worlds provide identity and orientation, they create a certain atmosphere and put the target audience in the desired mood. This creates very specific, and above all, reproducible feelings that control how the brand is perceived.

Audio branding and marketing (also called sound or sonic branding) is therefore indispensable, as it provides effective measures for building a brand. It is about identifying, recognising, differentiating, remembering and binding unique features. For example, a brand or product with an unmistakeable sound logo can be picked out from a mass of similar offers.

Sound Branding - Audio Branding Examples:

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