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Corporate Sound

Definition: Corporate Sound

The corporate sound comprises the entirety of all the acoustic elements that are used in a company’s specific brand strategy, such as their corporate sound logo, corporate jingle, corporate voice(s), corporate soundscape, corporate song and hymn.
The sound identity (also called sound ID or audio ID) forms the basis of all sound events.

The acoustic identity defines the emotional-affective components and the communicative statements that are associated with the company and the brand, as well as what the sound concept should convey. It is a “leitmotif” or platform that determines how the brand attributes and values will be transformed into the melody, tempo, rhythm, instrumentation, tonality and other parameters – and most importantly, the voice.

Having a sound and voice with modular elements of the audio identity offers a wide range of creative possibilities and opens up different possible fields of application for the acoustic branding (audio branding). Together with the visual components such as colours, fonts and shapes, they give the brand a specific form – with distinctive features for identifying, recognising, differentiating, remembering and binding, in order to highlight them from the mass of similar offers.

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Sounds set moods, give identity, provide orientation and convey reproduceable positive feelings. Brand sound worlds create a positively charged atmosphere that creates trust and connectedness.