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Definition: Soundlogo I Audiologo

The corporate sound logo, also known as the audio logo, is the auditory equivalent to a brand’s visual logo and summarises the essence of the brand with music and/or singing in just a few seconds. It is short, emotional, unmistakeable, it creates a mood with just a few notes and thus represents a concise acoustic distinguishing feature for the brand. The corporate sound logo can vary from noisy through to melodious and is often linked with the visual logo in multimedia presentations.

Sound logos also work when heard passively and, thanks to their compactness and flexibility, are fully effective at all relevant touchpoints. Due to their adaptation to the brand, they also remain effective, even after many applications. As part of acoustic brand communication, they promote brand loyalty, can be seen as a seal of quality and communicate their affiliation with an umbrella brand.

An example: The corporate sound logo of chip manufacturer Intel® is always shown together with the image logo, e.g. when a TV spot shows a computer that has an Intel® chip “inside” it. Under certain circumstances, corporate sound logos can be registered as a sound mark with the DPMA or European Patent Office, giving them enhanced protection against imitation.

Corporate Soundlogo Audiologo

Distinctive sound logos (also: audio logos) differentiate brands and increase their recognition value. They represent the brand values in a nutshell – concise and flexible.

Examples: Corporate Soundlogo / Jingle

yello Corporate Soundlogo - Jingle - comevis
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Zeiss Corporate Soundlogo - Jingle - comevis
00:00 / 00:00
Bosch Corporate Soundlogo - Jingle - comevis
00:00 / 00:00
Qiagen Corporate Soundlogo - Jingle - comevis
00:00 / 00:00

Soundlogo - Jingle Examples:

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