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acoustic TRACKING

Analysis / monitoring for optimal auditory potentials

In acoustic TRACKING we look at the status quo of your audible contact points [classic & digital]. Your performance will be set in relation to your competitors and companies in other industries and evaluated according to best practices.

In the context of audiological tests and specific research work, we cooperate with various Fraunhofer Institutes.

In the field of acoustic brand management and audio marketing, tuning, constant observation and the associated performance optimization on the timeline are the decisive success factors. 

Our acoustic TRACKING Services provide you with the best tools and solutions for this purpose.

Our TRACKING solutions

To ensure that you always have your audio/voice effect in focus

  • acousticTRACKING


    Automated analysis of your sound, voice and interaction effects

    Using specific algorithms (e.g. AI sound analysis, speech forensics, transcription, ...) your corporate sound is subjected to a customized, automated and cost-optimized impact analysis. 

  • acousticTRACKING


    Your sound, voice and interaction effects in scientific market research

    Under individual laboratory conditions, various measures (e.g. subject testing) are carried out to fully investigate the effect of your audio/voice assets.

  • acousticTRACKING


    Continuous analysis measures for your optimal audio/voice effect - at any time

    In the fast-moving age of digital transformation, checks and market research methods offer insights with limited time value. Therefore our recommendation: Continuous monitoring of your audio/voice assets

Our TRACKING-Starter-Tools

Modules for your perfect start.

  • acousticINTERACTION


    Your company in our service/interaction check.

    The goal is to measure the acoustic status quo of your service design. After the analysis and evaluation, our experts formulate initial recommendations for action for a noticeably interactive customer dialogue.

  • acousticPERFORMANCE


    Starting point is our proven benchmarking analysis.

    The aim is to record your acoustic positioning among your competitors. The results are analysed and evaluated. In the following, our experts formulate initial recommendations for action.

  • acousticECOLOGY


    How sustainable does your company sound?

    We analyse the acoustic-ecological status quo of your company and formulate special measures to reduce noise and stress.

The aim is to identify and define initial options for action with regard to the success factors




at the respective point of contact and the resulting benefits.

acoustic TRACKING is a continuous process in our common project procedures and thus accompanies all project steps from exploration, conception and creation to realization - and beyond.

Your benefit

Expert review of your audible brand and/or service experience across multiple contact points e.g. [TV I Radio I Web I App I Phone l etc.] from a customer perspective

Benchmarking: Provides you with an overview of the audible actual situation within [optionally also outside] your industry with regard to acoustic brand positioning and sales performance

Detailed analysis of an application within a contact point of your choice from Customer Perspective

Audit [presentation of results] including documentation



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