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Bayer HealthCare
Sound Branding

Bayer HealthCare

We have been supporting Bayer HealthCare in sound branding since 2013. The corporate sound and the corporate sound logo are unique.


Sound of Bayer HealthCare
Corporate Video



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Auditory Guiding Idea & Sound Architecture

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Corporate Sound - comevis
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Product Audio Branding I Soundlogo - comevis
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Bayer Acoustics

Goal: Increase auditory performance at defined contact points.
[Analysis | Strategy development | Creation | Realization].


Reference quote


"We are very excited about the successful further development of the original Brand Sound from 2013. With the new Brand Sound Library, we have completely new possibilities to make the brand sound unique, recognizable and trustworthy."

Anne Pleul

Global Brand Manager

"Activate brand sound worlds and create a positively charged atmosphere from which trust and solidarity emerge. We are delighted to have been able to bring our many years of expertise to life for Bayer Healthcare since 2012."

Stephan Vincent Nölke
Author of reference books and expert in acoustic branding, service design and customer experience management
CEO of comevis GmbH & Co. KG from Cologne


Green Nature

That was just one of our Best Practices:

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