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Best practice Telefonica o2

For o2 and many partner brands

Telefonica o2

Since 2006 we have been supporting the brands of Telefonica o2 in the area of acoustic brand, sales and service design.

Sound of

Telefonica o2

In recent years, we have not only been able to acoustically accompany and support the core brand o2, but also around 23 other brands of the Telefonica Group. Important design parameters here are sound, voices and dialogue-interaction concepts.

Sound of success. With love to detail.


Personalised videos

For a personal video address to o2 customers, we implemented a voice construction kit with which several 100,000 content variants for personalised video greetings became possible.


Besides good sound, the voice is the most important element in the acoustic branding of Telefonica o2.


In order to give o2 and all other brands a corporate expression, we developed voice concepts for the various brands and target groups of the Telefonica o2 Group.

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