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UX Sound Design

UX sound design is all about the user experience. The more pleasant the user's auditory perception and experience of a product or service, the more positively the company is anchored in their memory.

User Experience Design


User Experience (UX) design aims to create a positive experience for the user at all times when using a product or service. This design process therefore consistently focuses on the user and develops empathy for him or her: Who is the user, what are his previous knowledge, how does he feel, what are his needs?


In digital environments (e.g. telephony systems, smart speakers, web, apps etc.) a consistent user interface design provides the user with the orientation he needs to interact with technical infrastructure in a targeted and successful way. Physical products must also be designed mechanically so that they are easy to use. Products that move in both worlds, such as digitally controlled coffee machines, must have both a meaningful mechanical and digitally designed feedback.


The use of services and products is always about communication. In increasingly digital worlds, sound is of particular importance - both on a functional and on a sound-aesthetic level. Sound is a central element when it comes to creating a captivating user experience. The requirements for a harmonious UX sound design and the relevance of good sound have therefore grown considerably in recent years: The young generation of digital natives in particular wants to be able to experience brands emotionally at all touch points.

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