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Audio/Voice Innovation

AI Conversation, Service Design & Voice Interaction for Phone, UX and Voice Skills/Apps,... 

Smart digital products, voice assistants and smart speakers like Alexa & co are conquering our everyday life. Auditive communication has never been more present than now - in our age of digital transformation. 

The focus is on the 3 success factors SOUND, VOICE & DIALOGUE. In complex operating situations and wherever visual communication concepts reach their limits, sound unfolds its full potential, for example in the form of audio feedback and audio interface design. The human voice has enjoyed a special status for thousands of years.

Voice Assistant | Acoustic Service Design | UX Sound Design

Audio Assets - digital, innovative and unique

Audio Assets

Brand, Sales & Service Experience




Stella Odovic

Project & customer management


Patrick Nölke


Executive board l Creation, innovation & technology


Celine Gorke

Journey Managerin (audio/voice) l DACH


Sound of future.

comevis unites a sonorous quintet of acoustic disciplines [Thinking | Tracking | Innovation | Branding | Ecology] at the highest level. This enables us to respond to your wishes and requirements in an absolutely demand-oriented way.

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