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AI Conversation, Service Design & Voice Interaction for Phone, UX and Voice Skills/Apps,... 

Smart digital products, voice assistants and smart speakers like Alexa & co are conquering our everyday life. Auditive communication has never been more present than now - in our age of digital transformation. 

The focus is on the 3 success factors SOUND, VOICE & DIALOGUE. In complex operating situations and wherever visual communication concepts reach their limits, sound unfolds its full potential, for example in the form of audio feedback and audio interface design. The human voice has enjoyed a special status for thousands of years.

Voice Assistant | Acoustic Service Design | UX Sound Design

Audio Assets - digital, innovative and unique

Audio Assets

Brand, Sales & Service Experience

  • Hotline / Voice Portal / Voice Bots

    Your acoustic business card.

    A professional service design is effective, enhances the service experience and simultaneously conveys competence and personality at all service contact points.

  • Voice Mail / Mailbox Design

    For mailbox announcements that give your customers a good feeling.

    Sound-staged mailbox announcements optimize your corporate communication when your employees are not available.

  • Voice Assistants & Voice Apps

    The key to successful and modern human-machine communication.

    The tonal, vocal and dialogical quality of voice-controlled systems leads to a successful usability - completely "eyes and hands free".

  • Voice Synthesis / TTS

    High quality, flexible and reliable voice recording

    Even without recording an active speaker, synthetic corporate voices can be created using modern TTS methods.

  • UX Sound Design

    Functional sounds that make digital devices easier to use.

    A meaningful acoustic staging of apps and human-machine interfaces make it easier for your users to find orientation in virtual environments.

  • Industrial Sound Design

    We make your physical devices sound company-specific.

    A large proportion of the perceived product quality is communicated via the sound of products. Here it is worthwhile to listen carefully.

  • New Ways of Crisis Communication

    Hotline, Podcast, Voice Bot

    Always hit the right note with new audio voice technologies.



Stella Odovic

Project & customer management

Patrick Nölke


Executive board l Creation, innovation & technology

Celine Gorke

Journey Managerin (audio/voice) l DACH


Sound of future.

comevis unites a sonorous quintet of acoustic disciplines [Thinking | Tracking | Innovation | Branding | Ecology] at the highest level. This enables us to respond to your wishes and requirements in an absolutely demand-oriented way.

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