Best Practices by comevis 

Best Practices by comevis

B2B & B2C industries special know-how


Know-how meets dedication. Technology meets implementation. From podcast / voice app / video / hotline to radio/TV campaign, from special sound ecological solutions to holistic audio-voice branding.

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e-mobility | Customer Contact Experience

Würth Lego.png

Make intimacy audible

Audio/Voice Innovation

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Acoustic Service Design

Audio/Voice Experience

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New dimensions in Audio/Voice Branding.

Unique sounding brand presence

and Acoustic Service Design

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Sound Branding

Acoustic Service Design

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Sound Experience, Acoustic Brand Identity  New Dimension in Audio Branding


The sweet sound of breakfast, but what

does "sweetness" actually sound like??

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The Sound of Sense | Corporate Sound

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Sound Branding worldwide and

Soundlogo including Sonic Code and

Corporate Soundtoolbox.


Corporate Sound for a beautiful Smile

Voice & Sound Branding

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Audio/Voice Branding & Audio/Voice Innovation


BVB – a truly sonic experience.

"The acoustics specialists from comevis have been supporting our acoustic brand management since 2016. For us, this means making an intensive football experience audible at our sonic contact points.""

Dennis C. Thom - Head of Marketing

BVB 09


comevis. Sound of success.

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