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Audible Experience



Manor is the largest department stores' group in Switzerland and welcomes its customers in the most attractive locations in the country.


The company offers a wide range of own and third-party brands in the areas of fashion, household and furnishings and has been in business for more than a hundred years.


A service with tradition, which we have transformed together into an intelligent and multilingual Audible Service Experience.

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Enjoy & Play

Audible Service Experience - Design by comevis


Reference quote

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„Our omichannel strategy connects the 59 department stores with our online shop, giving our service communication a central role in the customer & user experience. Working closely with comevis, we were able to translate our requirements - efficiency, scalability and brand profiling - into a strategic and multifunctional Audible Experience. Supported by the innovative A.I. Audio/Voice tools from the C-Cloud Application Suite, we are already breaking new ground in auditory digitalisation, together with comevis.“

Riccardo Davi

Head of Customer Care - Customer Service


Audio Coding & Voice Systematic

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Audio Mood Logic

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Audible Service Design

Audio/Voice/Interaction (CX/UX)

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Welcome EN

Welcome FR

Welcome IT

Menu DE

Menu EN

Menu FR

Menu IT

Infotainment DE

Infotainment EN

Infotainment FR

Infotainment IT

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