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comevis - So klingt Erfolg - akustische Markenführung - Soundbranding - Audio Voice - Corporate Sound - Sounddesign - Checkliste - Agentur

Brand digitalization

The best sonic branding agency: 10 aspects to look out for when making your choice 

Our checklist shows you how to find the best agency for code-based sound branding, acoustic service design and/or custom-fit A.I. tools and application.

1. Market expertise

Agencies with many years of experience in the field of acoustic brand management are familiar with markets and trends, which is particularly important in the field of dialogue and interaction design. This makes them superior to young companies and start-ups.

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2. Range of services

An agency that works to the fullest extent of its capabilities enables smooth production and adaptation processes, fast project implementation and high flexibility. A sound branding process can seem complicated at first glance, but it doesn't have to be. Serious agencies approach your requirements and needs regarding your acoustic customer journey in an exploration phase, so you don't have to take any risks. If the range of services is wide, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible care. In addition to methodical sound branding (for brand, sales and service), agencies in the current age of digital transformation should also be familiar with ways in which customers can interact with companies using audio/voice technologies (Amazon Alexa etc.) and how sound can be used effectively to de-stress and increase productivity (sound ecology).

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3. High utility value of the advertising adaptation

Modular compositions enable flexible use in various media applications and at relevant contact points - for very special occasions such as a soccer World Cup or Christmas. Using audio marketing methods, companies can synchronously individualize their sounding touchpoints. The familiar corporate sound sounds in a familiar way, surprises your customers and shows them unmistakably that this company is up to date.

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4. Methodological expertise

The transformation of relevant brand values into sound must absolutely be subject to well-founded methods and thus follow guidelines that largely push back the factor "subjectivity" in brand sound questions. In addition, a well thought-out and proven method setup helps to find a common language about sound. 

5. Scientific expertise

In strategic and conceptual work with sound, attention must be paid to a scientific and interdisciplinary consideration of sound and music and their respective production and reception processes. Sound branding agencies should therefore have at their disposal proven teams of experts from various disciplines, for example from (neuro-)musicology, acoustics/physics, computer science/technology, phonetics and linguistics.

6. Industry expertise & references

Every company is different and has its own individual requirements for the sonic representation of its brand. In order for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors in the best possible way, it is important to have the support of an agency that is perfectly familiar with the respective industry and beyond.

The diverse experience of an agency is best recognized by a rich overview of clients and projects with accompanying client quotes. Therefore, pay attention to the references that an agency communicates or ask explicitly here. You can also find out whether the agency works more for small and medium-sized companies or is compatible with large corporate structures, market leaders and corporations.

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7. Transparency & cost optimization

Look for transparent, fair and flexible pricing models that perfectly match the requirements of your company (e.g. royalty-free audio productions). So you know at any time which services are associated with which costs. Well-organized agencies work for you in a cost-optimized manner, resulting in an ideal price/performance ratio.

8. Voice skills

New audio/voice technologies open up innovative communication and interaction possibilities. Especially Voice Assistants, Voice Apps and Skills are booming like never before, but also in other areas, such as Podcast & Telephony, the voice comes to the fore. Depending on the project requirements, skills in the area of speech synthesis (the corporate voice) may also be necessary, so that you can convey your messages cost-efficiently, flexibly, quickly and in a brand-oriented manner.

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9. Technology

We live in the age of digital transformation - our everyday life is therefore becoming increasingly digital and smart. Sound plays a special role here, because it helps us keep our bearings even in virtual environments. In human-machine interaction, a functional UX sound design is therefore an indispensable tool for ease of use.

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10. long-term supply: Transparent licensing models and sound impact analyses

Beyond the project period, companies should always be on the safe side in terms of usage rights. In order to avoid unnecessary legal problems in time, transparent licensing models create clarity and security with regard to the use of audio productions.

To ensure that your acoustic recordings and measures achieve the best possible long-term effectiveness, sound branding agencies should offer ongoing monitoring & control mechanisms. In this way, you avoid the danger of missing trends or even having a weak acoustic design in use unnoticed.

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