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Interesting facts and background information about audible digitisation and code-based sound branding.

360 degrees Audio/Voice Application Examples

How does your brand, sales & service sound?
Some examples for inspiration.

Acoustic Brand Management

Sound branding & marketing, music composition, sound design, tone of voice, dubbing voices & audio producing from leading specialists.

Audio Marketing

In audio marketing, the brand sound developed in the sound branding process is used strategically and consistently in line with the situation and touchpoints.

Acoustic Ecology

Longing for silence!

Never before have our ears been flooded with so many sounds.

Voice Assistance & Alexa Skill Design

Voice control is the key to successful man-machine communication.

The tonal, vocal and dialogical quality of voice apps leads to successful voice assistance - "eyes and hands free".

Corporate Sound

Sounds set moods, give identity, provide orientation and convey reproduceable positive feelings. Brand sound worlds create a positively charged atmosphere that creates trust and connectedness.

Audio Branding I Sound Branding

Audio branding or corporate sound as an integral part of the corporate identity consists of acoustic branding and enables effective audio marketing.

Sound Branding Examples

Each example demonstrates how we have created customised sound experiences that not only reinforce our clients' brand identity, but also build an emotional connection with the audience.

Corporate Sound Library

A specially developed sound toolbox allows corporate communications to easily take control of the voice over your content.

UX Sound Design & Industrial Sound Design

UX sound design is all about the user experience. The more pleasantly a user can perceive and experience a product or service auditively, the more the company is remembered.

Soundlogo I Audiologo I Jingle

Distinctive sound logos (also: audio logos) differentiate brands and increase their recognition value. They represent the brand values in a nutshell – concise and flexible.

International Voice Recordings

Comfortable global communication with comevis.

Sonic Code | Sound DNA
Methodology Sonic Coding

We implement the methodology of sonic coding, formerly known as

C-Profiling, to develop a

to develop a distinctive sound profile and create an acoustic corporate identity.

Acoustic Experience

We live in a visually overloaded world, only sound and voice can change this.

10 success factors for an effective sonic code

With the Sonic Code, we now define the acoustic identity of a brand even more precisely, flexibly and innovatively.

Corporate Voice

Words can inform and inspire,
motivate and animate, paint and make music that appeals to feelings and reason.

Corporate Soundscape

Unlike other elements of acoustic brand management, corporate soundscapes work in the background, creating a pleasant atmosphere at the Point of Information.

Stephan Vincent Nölke - 1x1 des multisensorischen Marketings

The book brings together what belongs together: people, brands and marketing.

ISBN: 978-3-00-032143-6

Price: 21,95 € incl. VAT.

Author: Stephan Vincent Nölke

Author Stephan Vincent Nölke

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