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The answers to your questions on the topic of audible brand digitisation.

  • What does comevis do and how long has comevis been around?
    We develop individual sound concepts in the sense of audible brand digitalisation. We work with code-based sound branding and especially with our A.I. supported tools and applications to make your brand audible at all sounding touchpoints. Since 2002, we have been thinking sound branding further and continue to shine with new innovative products. Click here for our portfolio
  • Why comevis?
    With our many years of experience, we directly recognise untapped potential and can thus make your brand more successful. Thanks to our C-Cloud, consisting of A.I. based tools and applications, the implementation is efficient and also brand compliant. More about the C-Cloud tools
  • What does the name comevis stand for?
    Our name DNA: c-ourageous o-riginal m-usical efficient v-ictorious i-mpulsive s-onorous
  • What benefits do we gain from the comevis projects?
    Audio is more relevant than ever, because practically all digital communication is audible. With our projects, we can make your brand audibly unique at all touchpoints, so that you stand out from the competition in the best possible way.
  • What services does comevis offer?
    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of diverse sound solutions. From classic audio branding to innovation products and software solutions. Be it the creation of a sonic code, sound logos, campaign sounds, a voice branding concept or the implementation of an acoustic service design, Alexa Skills or voice synthesis. We implement any sound-based project.
  • Can we just consult?
    Absolutely. In an age where audio is more relevant than ever, we like to give multi-layered perspectives regarding auditory communication and interaction.
  • What is the usual project workflow, what are the usual entry points and project workflows?
    In order to be able to work systematically and thus achieve the best creative results, our three-part project workflow has become established: comevis Thinking: The exploration phase, in which we record your status quo. comevis Design: The conception phase, in which we develop a strategy. comevis Make it Real: The realisation phase, i.e. the creation and production of your project.
  • What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 projects and how long does the implementation take?
    Level 1: Smaller projects with quick implementation of 6-8 weeks. Level 2: Larger projects where a comprehensive and individual sound strategy is developed. Duration: 2-3 months.
  • What is the price range for Level 1 projects?
  • What is the price range for Level 2 projects?
  • What are the advantages of C-Cloud tools, applications and C-Care services?
    Our goal is to provide our customers with unique, state-of-the-art tool-based services that are easy to use and affordable in terms of digital transformation. This involves analysis, tracking, content management and real-time audio/voice generation.
  • We need international voice recordings. Does comevis offer voice recordings in all languages?
    We have a large network of internationally active speakers (native speakers). Managing multilingual projects is one of our core competences. We have several sound samples of global brands in our reference area, including Bosch, DB Schenker, Swisscom, Deutsche Post DHL.
  • We need support in the formulation of optimised audio textures, can this be booked separately?
    We are happy to help you develop new audio textures. With our many years of experience, we always provide support in the creative implementation of new formulations in order to harmoniously merge sound and dialogue.
  • Are comevis sound concepts usable for all touchpoints and media?
    Yes, the brand-specific acoustic information is stored in the sonic code. From this, we can then develop suitable sounds for any touchpoint and make them usable.
  • Do comevis also work with other agencies and/or brand consultancies?
    Yes, we are always very interested in a professional exchange and constructive cooperation with other specialised agencies.
  • Does comevis have specific industry know-how in the B2B & B2C segments?
    Our clients appreciate our specific B2B & B2C know-how in practically all sectors, which we have been developing since 2002.
  • Why can A.I. based tools and applications help us?
    Audio is more relevant than ever before, across all digital touchpoints. To get the best possible potential out of the sonic branding strategy, it is therefore particularly important to work quickly, individually and at the same time easily applicable. Our applications from the C-Cloud combine precisely these aspects.
  • What exactly do you mean by audible brand digitalisation?
    Audio is more relevant than ever. Because practically all digital touchpoints are potentially audible. So it's a question of: do we sound good, bad or remain mute?
  • What exactly is the C-Cloud? What tools and applications are made available?
    The C-Cloud consists of so-called applications that make sound branding and audio marketing easy to use, individual and, with the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, also really smart. Click here for our tools
  • Do you get an introduction to the tools?
    Of course we offer an introduction to our tools and applications, explaining all the important aspects so that you can successfully implement your projects.
  • When is the C-Cloud suitable for me and my area of responsibility?
    The comevis Application Suite from the C-Cloud offers unique tools for brand/marketing, innovation/service managers worldwide. These tools offer great benefits in the areas of analysis, tracking, content management and real-time audio/voice generation.
  • What is is a comevis own creation and the abbreviation for: V-oice A-udio D-ialogue I-nput O-utput
  • What does the Tracker do?
    The Tracker serves as your sound checkpoint to control whether used sounds are still "on brand" or already "off brand", also taking into account defined sounds from competing companies. Learn more here
  • What does the Secretary do?
    The Secretary facilitates the transcription of audio into text. Tedious typing is now history. The transcripts are flawless and grammatically correct. Learn more here
  • What does the Library Profiler do?
    With a collection of many sound elements, it is not always easy to find the right sound. The Library Profiler brings order into the sound chaos and helps to find the perfect sound for your project by using intelligent filter options. Learn more here
  • What does the Creator do?
    The Creator allows you to create audio files quickly and easily, without a lot of planning, audio engineering or mixing. There is a choice of over 66 voices (neural and TTS) and up to 31 languages. Learn more here
  • What does Track Separation do?
    With Track Separation, end products can be edited in their individual audio/voice elements. Voice over corrections, instrument swaps or musical remixes or refreshes are no longer a problem.
  • Are the tools in the C-Cloud suitable for beginners?
    The tools follow the idea of a DIY service, so they are specially designed for easy use and therefore absolutely suitable for beginners. We also offer a comprehensive introduction to the tools.
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