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Roland Assistance

Roland Assistance offers insurance and assistance services, particularly in the area of travel and damage insurance, to support customers in emergencies and claims worldwide.

We have been supporting Roland Assistance in the Audible Experience area since 2017. A particular focus here is on service design, which includes several call flows as well as infotainment.


(Demo: Audible Experience Mood)

Reference citation

"The audio marketing project was a complete success. Through the targeted use of audio content, we were able to attract the attention of the target group in an innovative way and build a strong brand presence.

Through a comprehensive analysis of customer needs and expectations, we were able to develop a customised customer journey. The implementation of innovative technologies also significantly increased customer satisfaction.

I am proud of the team and grateful for the opportunity to work on this exciting project."

Stephan Nölke

CEO | Managing Director

comevis GmbH

Goal: Increase auditory performance at defined contact points.

  • Analysis 

  • Strategy development 

  • Creation 

  • Realisation

Roland Acoustics

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