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Audible Experience



WALA is a manufacturer of medicinal products and natural cosmetics. The company produces and sells products that use natural ingredients to promote health and well-being.

We have been supporting Wala Arzneimittel in the Audible Experience since 2014. The soothing sound of Dr Hauschka offers Wala an unrivalled increase in value.

Corporate Music

(Demo: Audible Experience Mood)

Audio Code

Using audio coding, Wala's relevant brand values are methodically and uniquely translated into audible codes based on data.

Graphic of the sound architecture of Wala

Voice Code

The Wala Audible Experience is complemented by clearly defined voice codes.

Diagram of the Wala voice system

The images used come from stock photo databases such as Pexels, Canva, WIX and Unsplash.

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