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The rich diversity of sound branding:

A universe of creative applications for every brand identity

The versatility of sound/voice branding

Sound/voice branding spans a wide range of applications that allow brands to convey their identity and messaging in unique ways and create a memorable audible experience. This chapter looks at how sound and voice elements can be used across different platforms and media to create a consistent and engaging brand experience. From creating brand-specific soundscapes in physical storefronts to integrating signature voices into digital assistants and interactive applications, the possibilities are many.


It explores how the targeted use of sound and voice at various touchpoints, such as websites, mobile apps, advertising campaigns and customer service hotlines, can build a deeper emotional connection with customers and strengthen brand perception. Sound/voice branding is much more than just an acoustic logo or a jingle; it is a comprehensive strategy to anchor the brand identity in the auditory dimension and provide a memorable audible experience.

Development of auditory touchpoints & use cases*

Characterise your brand identity with versatile sound & voice branding

At comevis, we recognise the transformative power of sound/voice branding as a key element of modern brand communication. Our focus is on giving every brand a distinctive and influential voice. With our expertise in the application of AI technologies, we make audio/voice branding easy and accessible for our clients. We offer a wide range of auditory solutions, from the creation of unique sound logos and distinctive brand melodies to the development of complete acoustic brand identities. Our services also include the production of customised audio content for advertising campaigns and the integration of voice user interfaces for digital applications to enrich and deepen the brand experience.


Our goal at comevis is to make our clients' brand identity not only visible, but also audible in order to stand out in today's fast-paced and often crowded media landscape. Through our comprehensive sound/voice branding services, we strive to revolutionise the service experience and user experience. We help brands build a deeper emotional connection with their audience and create lasting impact by creating unique sonic experiences that enrich both user experience and customer interactions.


*The graphic impressively illustrates the rapid development and diversification of auditory touchpoints in recent years. In 2002, there were only a few main touchpoints, including traditional media such as TV and radio, as well as everyday environments such as mobile phone use or point of sale (POS). These touchpoints formed the cornerstones of acoustic brand interaction at the time.


Today, a few years later, the landscape of auditory touchpoints has expanded dramatically. The number has increased significantly, emphasising the growing importance and diversity of acoustic brand communication. New and emerging touchpoints include advanced technologies and platforms such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), voice bots and the metaverse. In addition, specific areas of life and activities such as social media, gaming, travelling, sport, health, sleep and learning are also playing an increasingly important role.


This development shows how acoustic brand communication is adapting to changing habits and technologies. Brands today need to be able to communicate with their target groups via a variety of channels and in a wide range of contexts. The expansion of auditory touchpoints offers companies new opportunities to strengthen their brand identity and build a deeper emotional connection with their audience.

This illustrates not only the quantitative increase in touchpoints, but also the qualitative change in the way brands and consumers interact acoustically. In a world where visual stimuli are often overwhelming, the acoustic dimension offers a unique opportunity to attract attention and create lasting brand experiences.

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