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Code-basiertes Sound Branding & Serivce Experience


With the claim "Passion is our compass", Condor positions itself as a company that stands for enthusiasm.

To express this message acoustically, we developed a code-based sound branding that conveys the emotions and values of the brand in a unique way.

We have been supporting this wonderful brand since 2007 and were commissioned to redesign the acoustic brand management at the end of 2022.

In future, the new sound branding will be used in a focussed manner at digital contact points, thereby strengthening the presence and profiling of the brand in the context of the brand experience (BX).

In addition, there will be a completely new acoustic interaction design (CX/UX). The aim is to use this audible emotional connection to its customers to position Condor in a bold, future-oriented way.

Mehrere bunte Condor Flugzeuge

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Sound of Condor



Audio/Voice Design by


Audio Code

Using audio coding, Condor's relevant brand values are methodically and uniquely translated into audible codes based on data.

Tone of Voice

The Condor Audible Experience is complemented by clearly defined voice codes that are carefully designed to create a distinctive and engaging voice environment. These voice codes reinforce the brand identity and provide users with an immersive and memorable vocal experience.

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Birgit Clauss Condor

"The newly developed sound branding from comevis is a real highlight of our brand experience.
Our own brand sound library not only simplifies the content creation process, but also offers maximum flexibility in audiovisual brand management. With the Creator, we are also able to adapt our service experience to the situation in order to guarantee our customers a smooth customer journey"


Birgit Clauss

Head of Brand

Brand Sound Library Profiler

To enable Condor to use the brand-compliant sounds with maximum flexibility, we created our own corporate sound library for the company. We focussed in particular on video communication. In the library, Condor employees can find individually composed and brand-compatible sounds as well as modular, intelligent sound systems.


With the library, we achieve maximum flexibility in terms of dramaturgy, video length and genre. We also ensure that only brand-compliant sounds are used in a targeted manner.

Brand Sound Library von Condor

Hybrid Service Experience

A.I. Content Creation offers a new way to customise the acoustic service design. Condor flexibly designs the infotainment area with our "Audio it Yourself Tool".With the Creator, short audio files can be created quickly and easily in real time without any major planning, audio engineering or mixing. With over 66 voices, the Creator offers access to the best neural and classic TTS voices.

Condor Hybrid Concept Callflow




(TTS aus dem Creator)


Image by yousef alfuhigi

The images used come from stock photo databases such as Pexels, Canva, WIX and Unsplash.

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