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Sound Experience | Acoustic Brand Identity | New Dimension in Audio Branding

The BVB Sound Experience

When thinking of a football club like BVB, some may not immediately think of brand management or even acoustic brand management. Yet the topic is closer here than with almost any other of our clients. Acoustics is emotion, and there's a lot of that in soccer. With its acoustic brand identity, which we had the pleasure of creating for BVB, it is the only club in the Bundesliga with such a unique selling point.

comevis - borussia dortmund - akustische Markenführung - Soundbranding - Audio Voice - akustische Markenidentität



Audio Branding

With the audio branding for BVB we create pure audible emotions! There's almost nothing more to be said about the new BVB sounds. Absolutely rousing, they convey the passion and cohesion of a great team.

Reference quote

"BVB - that's real sound experience.
The acoustic specialists from comevis have been supporting us in acoustic brand management since 2016.
As a result, this means making the intense soccer experience audible at our sound contact points."

Dennis C. Thom

Head of Marketing
Borussia Dortmund

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"Fire up"



UX sound design & functional sounds: The BVB app

Convincing with sound, voice and dialogue - we achieve this thanks to technical acoustic innovation using our advanced tools. The result is a genuine Borussia Dortmund sound experience.

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The BVB Point of Sale - an acoustic experience

In the BVB fan worlds, we turned a visit to the store into a new experience. Since spring 2018, shopping there has been an acoustic live soccer experience. For this purpose, comevis developed an interactive walkway for visitors and fans that transfers the audible stadium feeling into the stores.

BVB Instore Sound - comevis

Sonic Walk

Thanks to digital sensors and a few technical tricks, visitors are addressed individually and personally at different sound stations. In the course of a visit to the store, visitors can experience the following sound events, among others:



When a fan enters the store, he is greeted by Nobby Dickel (BVB's stadium announcer) via a sensor - just like at a home game.

Fan world atmosphere


If the fan now looks around the store, he experiences an audio impression as if he were a player on the pitch at Signal Iduna Park. On match days, the atmosphere is enriched with soundtrack highlights of the most successful match moments.

Locker room


When entering the locker room, the fan is put in the emotional position of a real BVB player: Nobby Dickel motivates, for example, with a "pre-match dressing room speech.

Sports jersey individualization


If fans have a jersey inscribed with the name and number of their favorite player, they will be called up in the original sound - just like the players at the team line-up in the stadium - as soon as their new jersey is ready for collection.

Scenes from the live recordings on the sidelines of the match


What voice fits BVB better than that of stadium announcer and former striker Nobby Dickel? He's simply the perfect voice for BVB. Working with him is just a lot of fun.
In addition, we found and used a great female voice for certain touchpoints.

comevis - borussia dortmund - akustische Markenführung - Soundbranding - Audio Voice - Nobby Dickel
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BVB Service Design

BVB Service Design |

Match day

Service experience

Thanks to comevis, BVB also convinces at the contact point telephony with an individual acoustic service design of the extra class. And that on regular days - as well as on match days.


The images used come from stock photo databases such as Pexels, Canva, WIX and Unsplash.

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