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10th anniversary: Alexander Thesing and Patrick Claude Nölke at comevis

Celebrating a decade: Patrick Claude Nölke and Alexander Thesing shape comevis with innovation and leadership.

Teambild von Stephan Vincent Nölke, Patrick Claude Nölke und Alexander Thesing
The team picture shows the managing director of comevis Stephan Vincent Nölke together with the two jubilarians Patrick Claude Nölke and Alexander Thesing.

The ten-year anniversary is a significant milestone in any employee's career. It symbolises a decade of dedication, commitment and growth. At comevis, we are proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Alexander Thesing and Patrick Claude Nölke.

Alexander Thesing: The musical brand analyst and sonic code expert at comevis

Portrait von Alexander Thesing

In the multi-faceted world of brand development, Alexander Thesing stands out in particular. As a trained musicologist, he not only brings with him a deep understanding of melodies and harmonies, but also a keen eye for brand analysis. As an authorised signatory (since 2020) at comevis, he has established himself as a specialist in the development of sonic codes and as an expert with cross-industry experience.

His ability to combine music and brand strategy has helped comevis create unique and memorable brand experiences. With his expertise in brand analysis, Alexander dives deep into a brand's DNA to develop clear, coherent strategy that resonates.

With his cross-industry experience, Alexander Thesing brings a breadth and depth of knowledge to comevis that is rarely found in the industry. His journey from musicology to brand analysis and sonic code development is an inspiring example of the fusion of art and business.

Patrick Claude Nölke: The digital visionary and AI expert at comevis

Portrait von Patrick Claude Nölke

In the digital era, there are few who impress in such a profound and versatile way as Patrick Claude Nölke. As CDO & Head of Innovation at comevis, he has made a name for himself not only as a specialist in digital transformation and artificial intelligence topics, but also as a visionary developer of the C-Cloud Application Suite and its tools.

His role as authorised signatory (since 2020) underlines his central importance to comevis and with his expertise in Custom TTS Design & Development, he enables customised voice solutions that are revolutionary both technologically and in application.

Particularly impressive, is his ability to combine theory, creativity and practice. With the development of the C-Cloud Application Suite and the tools, he has created practical solutions for complex digital challenges that lead companies into the future.

Patrick Claude Nölke embodies the spirit of innovation. His contributions to comevis and the digital industry as a whole are unparalleled. He is not only a thought leader, but also a doer who shapes and changes the digital landscape.


While we look back on the past ten years, we also look forward to the years to come. With such dedicated employees by our side, we are confident that the future of comevis will be even more resounding and successful.

Porträt von Stephan Vincent Nölke

"A decade of collaboration, innovation and leadership - I am deeply grateful for the tireless dedication and commitment of Alexander Thesing and Patrick Claude Nölke. Their unparalleled talent and vision have been instrumental in shaping comevis. Here's to many more years of shared success and sonic power. Thank you so much for everything."

Stephan VIncent Nölke

CEO | Managing Director


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