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🎤 Patrick Nölke gives lecture at AI Village, the innovation campus for AI in the heart of Europe 🚀

In a world where innovation is the order of the day, Patrick Nölke, Chief Digital Officer & Head of Innovation, gave a keynote speech highlighting the importance of voice & audio in the field of artificial intelligence.

His presentation entitled “Voice & Audio as a game changer for user-centric AI” highlighted how the integration of auditory human-machine interaction can take the development of AI technologies to the next level.

Over 100 interested parties, experts and researchers from the fields of innovation and AI development came together to gain in-depth insights and exchange forward-looking perspectives.

Patrick Nölke explained that the increased use of voice and audio technologies is ushering in a new era of user interaction, making AI systems “Eyes & Hands Free” and thus improving the user experience.

The event was a complete success and provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas that will undoubtedly inspire many future innovations.

Patrick noelke AI village KI

Many thanks to the AI Village, Web de Cologne & the KI Bundesverband for inviting us to this exciting event!

Ai Village


Patrick Noelke Portrait

“Here in the heart of Europe, great projects are being created that generate enthusiasm and promote innovation ‘Made in Germany’. It's great to be a part of it and to experience how innovative and active the AI community is here.”

Patrick Claude Nölke

ppa. Chief Digital Officer & Head of Innovation

comevis GmbH & Co. KG

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