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PoS audio, soundwalk in BVB fan shops

In the fan world of BVB, the shop visit has been audibly redesigned by us into a live football experience since spring 2018. comevis developed an interactive walkway for visitors and fans that transfers the audible stadium feeling into the shops.

Thanks to digital sensors and a few technical tricks, visitors are addressed individually and personally at different sound stations.

In the BVB shop, the following sound events can be experienced:

1. Welcoming: when a fan enters the shop, he is greeted by Nobby Dickel (BVB stadium announcer) via a sensor - just like at a home game.

2. Fan world atmosphere: If the fan now looks around the shop, he experiences an auditory impression as if he were a player on the football pitch at Signal Iduna Park. On match days, the atmosphere is enriched with soundtrack highlights of the most successful match moments.

3. Dressing room: When entering the dressing room, the fan is put in the emotional position of a real BVB player: Nobby Dickel motivates, for example, with a dressing room speech before the "game".

4. Individualisation of football shirt: if fans have a football shirt inscribed with the name and number of their favourite player, they will be called up in the original sound - just like the players at the team line-up in the stadium - as soon as their new football shirt is ready for pick-up.


"BVB - that's a real sound experience. The acoustic specialists from comevis have been supporting us in acoustic brand management since 2016. As a result, this means making the intensive football experience audible at our sound contact points."

Herr Dennis C. Thom, Head of Marketing

Borussia Dortmund


If you also want to use intelligently controlled sound effects at the PoS instead of boring background music, ask us!

Alexander Thesing

Creative consultant & project manager

"Sound is a communicative performer. It differentiates where the visual reaches its limits."

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