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Soundbranding: comevis is "Agency of the Year" and wins the German Brand Award '20 in GOLD.

Aktualisiert: 10. Dez. 2020

"Agency of the Year" + German Brand Award 2020 GOLD

What extraordinary months! But our efforts have paid off: comevis wins two of the most prestigious main prices of the German Brand Awards 2020: "Agency of the Year" (in the highest award "Best of Best") and GOLD for the Yello sound branding.

Audio/voice has never been as relevant as it is today. With two of the highly popular main prices in the competition category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation", comevis is one of the big winners of this year's German Brand Awards. The Cologne-based sound branding experts were awarded the title "Agency of the Year" (Best of Best) as well as the highest award in the category "Brand Communication - Acoustic & Sensoric Branding" (Gold).

This is what winners look like: comevis wins two main prices at this year's German Brand Awards.

Special honour: comevis is "Agency of the Year" (Best of Best)

The jury praised the intuitiveness, competitive differentiation, modernity, memorability and recognisability of the Yello sound branding, described the project as "an overall outstanding acoustic brand work" and emphasised the often underestimated relevance of sound branding as a viable building block of corporate communication. Since comevis, according to the expert jury, "has recognised the special importance of sound for brand identity across a wide range of industries" and has been impressively demonstrating the possibilities for differentiation in the area of acoustic brand identity across all audible contact points since 2002, the Cologne-based agency was honoured with the "Agency of the Year" award.

The project in detail

Since 2017, Yello and comevis have been breaking new grounds in acoustic brand management: Based on the sonicID, high-profile sound codes and an agile brand sound architecture were developed to ensure that all sound contact points of the energy supplier sound synchronised (app, TV, cinema commercials, radio, social media, web videos, telephone customer service, ...).

In addition, comevis provides sound effect analyses, acoustic brand guidelines, the Yello sound toolbox and everything audible in the area of TVC. The Yello sound logo is of great importance, as it is a central component of Yello's sound identity and is known by one in three Germans.

Stephan Vincent Nölke

Geschäftsführer | CEO

"Agency of the Year" + German Brand Award 2020 - Of course, the comevis brand team is extremely happy about our successful double punch at this year's German Brand Award! We are delighted to have won two main prices - and the positive and motivating recognition from the German Design Council is simply a special treat in this special year for all of us. We would like to thank our loyal and dear customers - because together we are all the winners of these two great prices!"

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