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Image Source: CCEP Media Library

Audible Experience


Coca Cola Europacific Partners

With 6,500 employees & 325,000 customers, CCEP is responsible for the bottling and distribution of Coca-Cola branded products in Germany.

CCEP has been producing soft drinks in Germany since 1929. As of the March '23 bottling date, this amounted to 3.9 billion liters. These are distributed among around 60 popular brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Apollinaris and others.

For content generation in the area of "Audible Experience" (CX/UX), CCEP uses our award-winning C-Cloud "application suite" (A.I. Audio/Voice Tools).

Together we are exploring new avenues of auditory service & interaction design.

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Image Source: CCEP Media Library

A.I. Audio/Voice


The central platform with A.I. Audio/Voice applications for BX/CX/UX.

Coca Cola Europacific Partners consistently uses our C-Cloud A.I. Audio/Voice "Application Suite". The Audio/Voice Experience of CCEP relies on the innovative application possibilities, especially in the area of content creation using the Creator of comevis C-Cloud. Creator

Realtime Audio/Voice Generation

With the Creator, short audio files can be created quickly and easily in real time without any extensive planning, audio engineering or mixing, for example for hybrid dialog telephony systems. After entering what the audio file should contain, the Creator does the rest and immediately delivers the finished file for download in all common formats.

Content on Demand for Brand, Service & User Experience.


Use Cases

  • Voice Bot ✔️

  • Explainer video

  • Internal podcast

  • IVR ✔️

  • Product video

  • Voice Message

  • Voice Assistant

  • Personalized videos

  • Intranet infromation

... and much more!

Hybrid Service Design


A.I. Content Creation offers a new way to customize the acoustic service design (Phone). CCEP designs with our "Audio it Yourself Tool" flexible, for example the infotainment area. With the Creator, short audio files can be created quickly and easily by yourself in real time without much planning, audio engineering or mixing. With over 580 voices, Creator provides access to the best neural and classic TTS voices.

CCEP Coca cola Hybrid Callflow Grafik.png






(TTS aus dem Creator)



Vorher Fall

Enjoy & Play

Audible Service Experience - Design by comevis



Audio/Voice Design by
Image Source: Pexels & Pixabay

Audio Coding

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Image Source: CCEP Media Library

Audio Mood Logic

CCEP Hybrid Callflow Coca Cola.png

Voice Systematic

CCEP Coca cola Tone of Voice Grafik mit TTS.png
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Image Source: CCEP Media Library

Coca Cola Costa Freizeit.png

Image Source: CCEP Media Library

The images used come from stock photo databases such as Pexels, Canva, WIX and Unsplash.

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