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The Sound of Sense | Corporate Sound

Sensirion –

The Sound of Sense

A unique acoustic brand character - this has been available for Sensirion AG since 2020 thanks to comevis. We support the manufacturer of smart sensor solutions in the area of audio/voice strategy. With a corporate sound logo and a corporate sound library created especially for Sensirion, advertising adaptations are made uniquely applicable, recognizable and internationally audible. 

Find out here what exactly lies behind a corporate sound logo and a corporate sound library.

Image by Sanjeevan  SatheesKumar

"Our new corporate sound means the creation of identity and ensures a clearly recognizable profile of our brand with awareness and likeability. comevis means for us - First Class Sound Branding and Brand experiences through music, sound and voice".


Katharina Jacobi

Director Marketing & Communications
Sensirion AG, Switzerland

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The sound of Sensirion

For Sensirion, we translated the aggregate states "solid", "liquid" and "gaseous" into acoustic brand profiling and brand recognition.

Image by alexey turenkov
Schwarze kabellose Ohrhörer

Corporate Soundlogo

Short, emotional and unmistakable - Sensirion's corporate sound logo gets to the heart of the brand values in 2.5 seconds.
Sensirion Corporate Soundlogo - comevis
Image by Vino Li

Sound architecture


Corporate Sound Library

For the highly flexible use of sound, especially for video communication, we created a corporate sound library especially for Sensirion. This contains individually composed, brand-compatible sounds and music loops that can be easily used by Sensirion.

In this way, we ensure maximum flexibility for Sensirion. Whether dramaturgy, video length or genre - the sounds are easy to use and ensure that only brand-compliant sounds are used in a targeted manner.

Corporate Voices 

Sensirion_Tone of Voice.png
Verkehr Langzeitbelichtung

That was just one of our Best Practices:

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