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Acoustic brand management

Sound branding & marketing, music composition, sound design, tone of voice, dubbing voices & audio producing from leading specialists.

Definiton: Acoustic brand management

Acoustic brand management is about making brands acoustically tangible and thus creating trust and proximity to customers. It is particularly important to customize all audible touchpoints with the help of innovation solutions.

This involves much more than just sound branding in the classic sense, such as jingles or music. We see acoustic brand management as part of audible brand digitization with the aim of modular corporate sound systems and extensive, adaptable sound content. In this way, individual sound requirements can be optimally implemented at every touchpoint.


At comevis, we specialize in tailor-made acoustic brand management projects, using our expertise to make brands unique and emotionally appealing.

Discover the radiance of acoustic brand management with comevis

Acoustic brand management:
These are the advantages

  • Brand-compliant acoustic elements increase your brand awareness.

  • Audio messages inspire and turn listeners into your new potential customers.

  • Sound has a highly emotional and immediate effect and therefore has a positive impact on your brand image.

  • Special staging on TV and radio creates unforgettable audiovisual experiences.

  • Attract attention, even when the target group is not looking at the screen. Entertaining & to the point!

Let's start your acoustic brand management project!

Would you like to enhance your brand experience through targeted acoustic brand management? Get in touch now with comevis, your acoustic branding specialist, and find out how we can make your company's sound identity unique.

comevis methodology

From strategy and creation to the use of AI-based audio/voice tools.

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