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Acoustic Brand Management

Sound branding & marketing, music composition, sound design, tone of voice, dubbing voices & audio producing from leading specialists.

Definition: Acoustic Brand Management

Akustische Markenführung überführt Markenidentitäten in Klang. Dies führt somit zu einer emotionalen Positionierung von Unternehmen, Marken und Produkten.

An elementary component of acoustic brand management is the individual adaptation for the different touchpoints with the help of innovation solutions. The resulting sound adaptations can therefore vary in length and mood, but always remain a component of holistic brand management.


In addition, the extent of sound branding needs to be better utilised. Too often, it is assumed that acoustic branding only includes a jingle or music, but ultimately, from today's perspective, only a modular corporate sound system with extensive sound content leads to the goal, as each touchpoint has its own unique sound requirements.

Successful implementation of acoustic brand management


In TV and radio, acoustic staging is of particular importance due to the high level of attention it generates among your target group.

A TV commercial without the right sound? Unthinkable! That's why we create the sound design at the TV touchpoint for renowned companies and thus ensure unforgettable audiovisual experiences. Acoustic design elements in TV spots generate attention even when your target group is not looking at the screen.

In a radio spot, the acoustic staging is particularly important - and comevis has the best and most creative spots. That's why well-known clients place their trust in us. Whether funny or informative - our spots are always entertaining and to the point. 


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Acoustic Brand Management


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Acoustic Brand Management

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Soundful Inspiration

Your advantages

  • Brand-compliant acoustic elements increase your brand awareness.


  • Auditory messages inspire and turn listeners into your new potential customers.

  • Sound has a highly emotional and immediate effect and thus pays off positively for your brand image.

In order to represent companies in the best possible way in terms of sound, brand-specific characteristics can be integrated in addition to our proven method of comevis C-Profiling.

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