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Audible Experience

AIDA Acoustics


AIDA is a German cruise company that offers luxury cruises around the world. It offers its guests a wide range of activities, entertainment and first-class services on board its ships.

We accompany AIDA in sound branding and developed, among other things, a catchy sound logo, as well as a matching AIDA corporate soundscape, with the goal of increasing the auditory performance at defined contact points.

The Sound of AIDA

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Reference quote

"The corporate sound fits perfectly with the character of AIDA. The prominent speakers and the sounds of the sea, seagulls and Caribbean instruments create a wonderfully relaxed mood that immediately inspires the senses and awakens the anticipation of a vacation."

Jörg Eichler

Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales

AIDA Cruises

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Audio Code

Using audio coding, AIDA's relevant brand values are methodically and uniquely translated into audible codes based on data.

CCEP Coca cola Tone of Voice Grafik mit TTS.png

Voice Code

The AIDA Audible Experience is complemented by clearly defined voice codes.

CCEP Coca cola Tone of Voice Grafik mit TTS.png

Corporate Soundlogo/Jingle

The brand sound elements (bongos, steelpans, water and seagull) form the central elements of the branding and are combined in the sound logo and jingle.

Speaker in the sound logo/jingle: dubbing voice of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

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