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Rimowa is a German manufacturer of high-quality luggage, especially suitcases. The company attaches great importance to quality, functionality and innovation and has become a brand known worldwide. 

With the Audible Experience project, we accompany Rimowa so that the brand's awareness is also acoustically recognizable. We place particular focus on the areas of acoustic brand performance, sales and services.

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"Wir freuen uns sehr über das Audible Experience Projekt mit Rimowa. Mit unsere Explorationsanalyse haben wir neue neue Marken-Klänge entwickelt, die Kunden aktivieren und so eine besondere Verbundenheit schaffen. Die Brand Experience (BX) hebt sich auf ein neues Niveau."

Stephan Vincent Nölke
Fachbuchautor und Experte für akustisches Branding, Service Design und Kundenerlebnismanagement
Geschäftsführer der comevis GmbH & Co. KG aus Köln


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As part of the C-Family, we accompany Rimowa on their acoustic way to more success.

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The Rimowa Earcatchers are a central sound component of the composition. They are fed by the recording of the luggage locks and are reproduced abstractly by means of percussion.

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