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Audio/Voice Branding | Audio/Voice Innovation

Sound of Mobility

Designing a brand comprehensively acoustically - that's what we're allowed to do at südtirolmobil. We support the mobility company in acoustic brand, sales and service communication. For strategy, creation and design, we rely on our comevis C-Profiling© methodology.


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"The südtirolmobil sound branding is an expression of our multilingual culture. Audible internationality is created in the process. The sound architecture is an integral part of our brand communication. In addition to the aspect of acoustic branding, the AI-based methodologies in conjunction with the C-tools from comevis offer us in particular decisive advantages in the daily application at all of our audible contact points - This is how successful mobility sounds in South Tyrol."


Patrick Dejaco

Area Manager

STA - Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG 

Bolzano, Italy

The sound of südtirolmobil-
il suono di altoadigemobilità

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Image source: südtirolmobil

Audio/Voice Design by
Image source:üdtirolmobilaltoadigemobilita

Sound architecture

Klangarchitektur südtirolmobil.png

Image source: südtirolmobil

Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice VW.png
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Image source: südtirolmobil

Corporate Soundlogo

The sonic codes (the acoustic brand DNA) of südtirolmobil are reflected in the corporate sound logo in a nutshell. In just 2.5 seconds, the brand essence becomes audible:

südtirolmobil - Corporate Soundlogo
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"We at STA AG, responsible for the südtirolmobil brand, are thrilled with the soundbranding & corporate sound project with comevis. Together with the experts from comevis, we developed an effective sound logo, which acoustically audibly brings the südtirolmobil brand to the point in 2.5 seconds via the sonic codes (DNA). In addition, together with comevis, we translated the brand into a consistent sound architecture."


Margit Perathoner

Marketing & PR Manager

STA - Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG 

Bolzano, Italy


Video Communication

Mood Video 

Audio/Voice Branding by comevis

Christmas greeting from südtirolmobil

Be enchanted | Lasciati incantare | Lascete incanté

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That was just one of our Best Practices:

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