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Audible Experience

Brand & Service Experience

südtirolmobil: Auditory experience of public mobility in South Tyrol

We have been supporting südtirolmobil with its audible experience in the field of auditory digitalisation since 2021. Creation and design combined with a unique A.I.-based control system ensure a holistic brand & service experience - no matter where you get on.

See mit Bergen im Hintergrund



Audio/Voice Design by
Image Source:üdtirolmobilaltoadigemobilita


"The südtirolmobil sound branding is an expression of our multilingual culture. It creates an audible internationality. The sound architecture is an integral part of our brand communication. The AI-based methodologies in combination with the C-Tools from comevis offer us decisive advantages in the daily application at all our audible contact points, in addition to the aspect of acoustic brand management - this is how successful mobility sounds in South Tyrol".


Patrick Dejaco


STA - Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG 

Bozen/Bolzano, Italien

The Sound of südtirolmobil- il suono di altoadigemobilità

sta Logo
Foto von Dejaco Patrick



Tone of Voice

The Südtriolmobil Audible Experience is complemented by clearly defined voice codes that are carefully designed to create a distinctive and engaging voice environment. These voice codes reinforce the brand identity and provide users with an immersive and memorable vocal experience.

The Soundlogo of Südtirolmobil

Image source: südtirolmobil

Blaue Himmel

Brand Soundlogo

The sonic codes (the acoustic brand DNA) of südtirolmobil are summarised in a nutshell in the corporate sound logo. In just 2.5 seconds, the brand essence becomes audible.

"We at STA AG, responsible for the südtirolmobil brand, are thrilled with the soundbranding & corporate sound project with comevis. Together with the experts from comevis, we developed an effective sound logo, which acoustically audibly brings the südtirolmobil brand to the point in 2.5 seconds via the sonic codes (DNA). In addition, together with comevis, we translated the brand into a consistent sound architecture."


Margit Perathoner

Marketing & PR Manager

STA - Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG 

Bolzano, Italy


Innovation & Benchmark im digitalen Ansagen-Management

Audio/voice experiences at all entry and exit points

All passengers are informed of the next stop at bus stops and on bus and train services 365 days a year. Our specially developed Creator from the C-Cloud is used for this purpose, which enables multilingual audio/voice generation with Functional Sound Syntax. One-click announcements are a decisive advantage in daily content management and ensure a consistent brand and customer experience at all contact points.

Karte von Suedtirol STA
Karte von Suedtirol sta

Advents Audio/Voice Edition

During the Christmas season, travellers with südtirolmobil can also experience the festive atmosphere on the train and at the stops. The specially developed design sets the mood for the coming festive season with melodious greetings. 

- Bilingual announcements in German and Italian

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

Christmas greeting from südtirolmobil

Be enchanted | Lasciati incantare | Lascete incanté

Hybride Audio/Voice Service Line

A.I. Content Creation offers a new way to customise the acoustic service design. BGV uses our "Audio it Yourself Tool" to flexibly design the infotainment area, for example. With the Creator, short audio files can be created quickly and easily in real time without any major planning, audio engineering or mixing. With over 330 voices, the Creator offers access to the best neural and classic TTS voices.

südtirol hybrid Callflow



Self Services

(TTS aus dem Creator)


Berg und Tal

The images used come from stock photo databases such as Pexels, Canva, WIX and Unsplash.

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