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Audio/Voice Branding

Audio/Voice Innovation

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Audible Experience


We are proud to accompany Telefonica O2 on the path of auditory Digitalization with our special expertise in the Audible Experience.

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Acoustic brand management

What does openness actually sound like? What sounds are associated with trust? And what do the iconic O2 bubbles sound like? To answer these questions, the O2 Sonic Code (the acoustic brand DNA) was developed.

For this, interdisciplinary teams of brand specialists and musicologists create acoustic beacons for the audible O2 brand identity. Particular attention is paid to intuitive interaction design.


In order to beat a rhythm with the pulse of time at all times, we are constantly researching new dimensions of sound and voice perception. This includes algorithmic models, brand audits, subject tests, speech forensic analyses and testing in the comevis Sonic Labs.

Multi-stage evaluation processes form the basis for our audio/voice design decisions and, in this case, ensure a future-proof impact of O2 sound branding.

In a pentagonal voice profiling process, a wide variety of voice pairings are audiologically, algorithmically and speech forensically examined and evaluated together with Fraunhofer IDMT.

With all these steps we finally find the perfect pairing for the future O2 brand voice conception. In this way, we guarantee acoustic brand transfer as well as touchpoint functionality and voice associations in distinction to the industry competition.

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Our experts in the comevis Audio/Voice innovation labs track down trends and consistently use the latest scientific findings.


Research partner


Audio/Voice Design & Innovation Center, especially for sound applications in digital environments.

The comevis C-methods are unique.

Sound of O2



Audio/Voice Design by
Image Source: YouTube, Telefónica Germany

Success parameters

Competence and personality - O2 conveys these qualities with the right sounds, convincing voices and dialogs at eye level.



Audible brand profiling



Convincing corporate voices



Dialogues that are understood

Blaue Himmel

Auditory Guiding Idea & Sound Architecture

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Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice o2.png


Next to good sound, voice is the most important element in Telefonica O2's acoustic branding (sound branding).

In order to give O2 and all other brands of the Telefonica Group a corporate (voice) expression, we develop voice concepts for the different brands and target groups.

comevis - Telefonica o2 - akustische Markenführung - Soundbranding - Audio Voice - Corporate Voice
comevis - Telefonica o2 - akustische Markenführung - Soundbranding - Audio Voice - Personalisierte Videos

Personalized Voicegreetings

At O2, the brand value "personality" becomes audible not only through certain sounds and voices, but also through a personal video address to O2 customers. For this purpose, we implement voice kits that allow several 100,000 content variants for personalized video greetings.

O2 5G Communication

Sound Design

Picture I Animation

Lambie Nairn 

O2 Voice Portal

Audio/Voice Service Design 

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o2 Demo-Callflow - comevis
00:00 / 00:00

Service Experience EN (regional)

To create a successful customer contact experience, the right sounds, convincing voices and understandable dialogs are essential. We support you in conveying competence and personality through sound on the phone.  - We achieve this with professional speakers and acoustically staged announcements.

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The images used come from stock photo databases such as Pexels, Canva, WIX and Unsplash.

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