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new dimensions for sonic interface experience and sound branding

Unique acoustic brand presence and service design (digital AUDIO interaction)

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"Hey Swisscom!"

Voice Synthesis & UX Sound Design

The swisscom TV Box: Smart home, music, streaming and TV in one device - intuitively and interactively operated by voice command, thanks to our brand-conform and tonality-adapted voice synthesization and exclusive functional sound systematics. 

"Since 2017, we have been working successfully with comevis in the areas of sound branding, voice branding and UX sound design. The experts at comevis are also very close to us in the development of our new Swisscom TV box and deliver the decisive building blocks for our voice assistant including multilingual voice synthesization (TTS)".

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Riccardo Lopetrone

Senior Product Manager Voice, Swisscom (Switzerland) AG

Audio Branding

Our sonic worlds create sensory experiences that stay in the ear and help Swisscom to create a unique acoustic brand image.


The system also features new voices in four languages.

swisscom Corporate Music - comevis
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swisscom digital audio interaction - comevis
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Voice Branding

The voices of Swisscom greet customers when they call any service number.

The most ingenious aspect of the sonic world?

The mood changes depending on the requests of the customers. Customers hear stimulating sounds when they need to know about product solutions such as the complete inOne package. If they report errors, however, they hear a calming ‘corporate sound’ sequence.


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„We want to create a positive experience in every regard and provide more audible orientation to our clients. Together with comevis‘ acoustic experts and sound designers we succeeded to establish a one-of-a-kind acoustic design which reinforces our brand image and increase customer loyalty."

Mr. Marcel Hischier

Head of Channel Orchestration & Tools











Service Experience

Our acoustic strategists developed an individual audio interaction design for Swisscom’s key telephony touchpoint. We have succeeded in creating a visionary corporate sound that makes the Swisscom brand tangible in daily customer communication.

swisscom DE - comevis
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swisscom IT - comevis
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The speakers offer guidance in German, French, Italian and English throughout the programme and also offer guides in the service navigation menu. 

Special Edition

For the 2018 World Cup, Swisscom inspired its fans with a corporate sound, designed by us and featuring a football theme – for an exceptional service experience.

swissom World Cup I Match Day - comevis

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