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Audible Experience



Since 2017, we have been jointly shaping the path of auditory digitization for Switzerland's largest telecommunications company.


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Audio/Voice Design by

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"We want to give our customers more auditory orientation and create a positive experience in every respect. With the help of the acoustics experts and sound designers from comevis, we have succeeded in creating a unique acoustic design that strengthens our brand and deepens customer loyalty. In addition, event-orientated adaptations, such as for the football World Cup, can be easily integrated, which then pick up on seasonal moods and underline our claim to tangible service quality."

Herr Marcel Hischier

Head of Channel Orchestration & Tools

Code-based Sound Branding

Our code-based sound branding services and the associated soundscapes create recognition that stays in the ear and helps Swisscom achieve a unique acoustic brand presence. We also provide brand-compliant voices in all required languages.

Swisscom Acoustic Ecology

Acoustic Ecology

In order to make the digital interaction space of Swisscom's service lines pleasant for customers and service agents alike, Swisscom's technical systems use sound-ecological soundscapes.


Tailored to the time of day, these structure digital customer and employee interactions and ensure that customers' emotions are positively supported. At the same time, employees experience less stress before the customer meeting and feel more at ease.

Swisscom - Customer Agent Experience
00:00 / 00:00

Voice Branding

Swisscom voices greet customers when they call all service numbers, for example.


The highlight: the mood changes depending on the customer's request. For example, customers hear activating sounds when they need information about product solutions. If, on the other hand, they report a fault, they hear calming corporate sound sequences in all the required languages.....

Wunderschönes Lachen

Voice synthesisation & UX sound design

The Swisscom TV Box is a smart home, music, streaming and TV in one device. Thanks to brand-compliant and tonality-adapted voice synthesisation and exclusive functional sound systems à la comevis, it can be operated intuitively and interactively by voice command.

"Hey Swisscom!"



Swisscom Box Radio Spots

inklusive der von comevis synthetisierten Stimmen

swisscom TV-Box I Radio - comevis

Hybrid Service Experience


A.I. Content Creation offers a new way to customise the acoustic service design. Swisscom uses our "Audio it Yourself Tool" to flexibly design the infotainment area, for example. With the Creator, short audio files can be created quickly and easily in real time without any major planning, audio engineering or mixing. With over 330 voices, the Creator offers access to the best neural and classic TTS voices.

hybrid Callflow von Swisscom






Waiting TTS



The speakers guide through the program in German, French, Italian and English and offer guidance in service navigation. 

swisscom DE - comevis
00:00 / 00:00
swisscom FR - comevis
00:00 / 00:00
swisscom EN - comevis
00:00 / 00:00
swisscom IT - comevis
00:00 / 00:00
swisscom DE - comevis
00:00 / 00:00
swisscom FR - comevis
00:00 / 00:00
swisscom EN - comevis
00:00 / 00:00
swisscom IT - comevis
00:00 / 00:00

International X-Mas

Contemplative point of sale

For Christmas, Swisscom also enchanted its customers at the point of sale with sounds created by comevis - listen to an excerpt of the wintry sounds from the Swisscom branches here:

Swisscom PoS - comevis
comevis - swisscom - akustische Markenführung - Soundbranding - Audio Voice

"Since 2017, we have been successfully working with comevis in the areas of sound branding, voice branding and UX sound design. The experts at comevis are also very close to us in the development of our new Swisscom TV box, providing the crucial building blocks for our voice assistant, including multilingual voice synthesis (TTS)."

Riccardo Lopetrone

Senior Product Manager Voice, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG


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Riccardo Swisscom A.png
Bei einem Videoanruf

Conference call systems including "Skype for Business

comevis also provided the acoustic service design for Swisscom's telephone conference systems.


Special Edition

For the 2018 World Cup, Swisscom thrilled its fans with the corporate sound in soccer design that we created - for a very special service experience.

swisscom WM Edition - comevis
comevis - swisscom - akustische Markenführung - Soundbranding - Audio Voice

The images used come from stock photo databases such as Pexels, Canva, WIX and Unsplash.

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