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Audio/Voice Branding | Audio/Voice Innovation

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Camlog – for a beautiful Smile

How do complete systems and products for dental implantology and restorative dentistry sound? The answer: Simply soundtastic! Since 2010, we have been supporting Camlog, the leading provider in this field, in acoustic brand, sales and service communication. We are proud to support Camlog with our special auditory expertise and to make the company's work audible.

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Sound of Camlog

"The partnership with our customers is just as important to us as research and development. For this reason, too, we wanted to work with comevis to design our audio branding in such a way that our central values are conveyed in a credible and likeable way. The goal was to achieve a balance between emotional attributes and rational criteria. Thanks to comevis' support, we succeeded excellently."

Oliver Ehehalt

Head of Marketing
CAMLOG Vertriebs GmbH


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Success parameters

In our work for Camlog, technical expertise and sophistication, meet authenticity and closeness. The right sounds, convincing voices and dialogues make this uniquely audible and tangible.


 Audible brand profiling


Convincing Corporate Voices


 Dialogues that are understood

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Sound architecture

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Brand Sound Library

An outstanding soundtrack consists of numerous sound production building blocks. This can be an intro, brand-compliant music, sound effects for apps or even an outro. Based on our proven C-Profiling methodology, we have developed a Corporate Sound Library for Camlog, which we continue to develop and fill. The Corporate Sound Library contains different sound atmospheres for every Camlog employee for every communicative mood.


The reason? Corporate Sound at Camlog can be applied easily and quickly. In this way, we guarantee maximum flexibility in terms of dramaturgy, video length and genre security and ensure that only sounds that conform to the brand are used in a targeted manner.

Soundtoolbox 3.png

The Camlog Sound Library is now full to bursting with brand-compliant sounds from the implantology expert. The following four examples show how these sounds sound:

Camlog Corporate Sound Intro

Camlog Mood Dynamic

Camlog Mood Uplifting

Camlog Corporate Sound  Outro

Corporate Voices

Authentic, approachable and reliable - that's how Camlog speaks. Camlog's corporate voices complete the acoustic identity and create vocal differentiation from the competition.


Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice camlog.PNG

Video communication

We are implantology

Audio/Voice Branding by comevis

Camlog tree campaign

Use of the comevis Soundtoolbox

Service Design Example 




Mood Ringtone

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That was just one of our Best Practices:

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