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A.I. Audio/Voice - The Next Level 🚀

Aktualisiert: 8. März 2023

For managers from the areas of brand, service and user experience.

The time has come, the new C-Cloud "Application Suite" (Audio/Voice) is now available with a uniquely extended new range of functions.

Fact: Every brand has CI/CD guidelines for visual content. But do you also have an auditory identity and -very important- future-proof A.I.-based control tools for audio content that represent your brand and service in a recognizable way?

Companies are using or planning auditory designs & content for ...

✅ TV/Radio Campaigns

✅ Social Media

✅ Product/Sales Videos

✅ Daily-Touchpoints: Phone & PoS

✅ Digital promotions

... without thinking of A.I.-based control of their auditory brand digitalisation.

Laptop with comevis C-Cloud Tools A.I. Website

C-Cloud "Application Suite", the central platform with A.I. Audio/Voice Tools for BX/CX/UX

Voices, music & sounds work effectively on subconscious levels. And A.I.-based apps today ensure that your brand unerringly unfolds the desired auditory impact and reach.

➡️ Here it goes to the webinar "Best Practices


Analysis + Management + Generation

The core of the C-Cloud are the tools:

comevis C-Cloud Tracker Tool Icon Tracker

A.I. Audio Analytics

Know what's going on!

comevis C-Cloud Library Profiler Tool Icon Profiler

Asset/Template Management

Faster. Better.

comevis C-Cloud Creator Tool Icon Creator

Realtime Audio/Voice Creator

Content on Demand!

comevis C-Cloud Application Suite A.I Audio/Voice Tools

Webinar - „Insides & More“

If you want to know more about how to use code-based voice & sound branding to create targeted and measurable content that represents your brand profiles and company values. Then take part in our free webinar "Insides & More" (30 min, book for free):

The Insides & More webinar is perfect for you if you...

→ are a brand manager

→ looking for the latest trends and innovations in marketing

→ want to solve audio/voice content creation for marketers quickly & easily.


comevis CEO Stephan Nölke Portrait

Patrick Nölke

Chief Digital Officer (CDO, ppa.) & Head of Innovation

"This is a true next level of the C-Cloud! We are proud of it and look forward to making these developments available to our dear customers in an easily decidable way."

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