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DFB sound branding strategy wins 2x at the German Brand Award 🏆🏆

In the "Excellent Brands" category, comevis and the DFB received the "Winner" award and the "Special Mention" award in "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation".

With over 1,300 entries from 19 countries, the GBA thus achieved a great international response.

The management of comevis, Alexander Thesing, Stephan Vincent Nölke and Patrick Claude Nölke, at the German Brand Award Gala in Berlin.

The management of comevis, Alexander Thesing, Stephan Vincent Nölke and Patrick Claude Nölke, at the German Brand Award Gala in Berlin.


The DFB Sound Branding was awarded twice 🏆🏆

The jury awards the Special Mention for special aspects of brand management.

German Brand Award special

»Special Mention« for DFB code-based sound branding in the category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation:

Brand Experience of the Year

German Brand Award Winner

»Winner« for DFB code-based Soundbranding in the category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation:

Brand Communication & Acoustic & Sensoric Branding 

"Making brand management audible and implementing it digitally and innovatively for our multi-brand cosmos - that was and is the challenge. We are proud and delighted to receive these two awards together with our partner comevis."
Juri Müller DFB

Juri Müller, Teamleiter Brand & Marketing Services des DFB

"For us, auditory brand experience means that our umbrella brand and our sub-brands are recognizable with closed eyes via the auditory family code and that the affiliation to our brand family is tangible."
Maximilian Arthen DFB

Maximilian Arthen, Senior Brand Manager des DFB


DFB Sound Branding DE-Coded

Hear more in the case video🎶⚽


Auditory multi-brand strategy from comevis 🎶⚽

Compared to already internationally known audio brands, the DFB Auditive Brand Experience has stood out since the end of 2023 thanks to its multi-brand complexity and the consistent use of AI-based management and analysis tools from the comevis C-Cloud.

DFB Soundbranding faced the challenge of aurally unifying the DFB's diverse brands - 4 hero and 5 supporter brands, from the women's and men's national teams to the DFB Cup and the 3rd league.

✅ The goal was clear: to create a coherent acoustic identity that also preserves the uniqueness of each brand.

The methodical derivation and individual strategy was accompanied by a multi-stage market research process. This ensured that the key auditory idea not only resonates emotionally, but also perfectly reflects the brand values. Today, each brand unfolds its individual audible impact potential in line with its positioning, thus contributing to the DFB's unmistakable auditory brand experience.


From the central idea to the auditory DFB Family Code

⚽ The methodology of code-based sound branding by comevis makes it possible to develop an auditory-modular strategy for the DFB brand family. Strategic brand values are translated into audible parameters that form the unique DFB Family code.

⚽ Over 500 individual audio assets work in the DFB's respective communication formats and maximize the specific acoustic potential of each brand. The DFB sound logo, social media templates (video moods) and TV bumpers, which are used for TV broadcasts, the DFB Cup, the World Cup and European Championships, podcasts, social media and live events, for example, play a special role.

⚽ The AI-based management and analysis tools created especially for the DFB support the strategic approach of sustainable brand experience & communication within auditory brand management and offer all users maximum ease of access to the DFB's modular design system.


Stephan Vincent Nölke (CEO), Patrick Claude Nölke (ppa.) and Alexander Thesing (ppa.)

Stephan Vincent Nölke (CEO), Patrick Claude Nölke (ppa.) and Alexander Thesing (ppa.)

"We are proud to have received two awards for our strategic work with the DFB. Emotional brand building at every touchpoint was our goal in order to create an authentic connection between the DFB brands and their target groups. Successful sound branding, like that of the DFB, must of course also be AI-oriented today in order to effectively unfold its full power."

comevis GmbH & Co. KG

Stephan Vincent Nölke, CEO

Alexander Thesing (ppa.), CCO & Head of Science

Patrick Claude Nölke (ppa.), CDO & Head of Innovation


Background information

The German Design Council - the initiator was established as a foundation in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag by the Federation of German Industries and a number of leading companies. With its awards, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications, the German Design Council is committed to promoting design, brands and innovation. It is an independent and internationally active institution.

The jury was made up of independent, interdisciplinary experts from companies, science, consulting, services and agencies.

German Brand Institute - the organizer: The German Brand Institute Foundation pursues the goal of strengthening the importance of the brand as a decisive success factor for companies in the national and international competitive environment. With the German Brand Award, the foundation presents a unique award for outstanding brand management.



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