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AI innovations in auditory brand communication with comevis

comevis is an official member of the KI Bundesverband

As an official member of the German AI Association, comevis is setting new standards in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for auditory brand communication. With the emergence of the second wave of the AI revolution, led by innovations such as OpenAI's GPT-3, comevis is positioning itself at the forefront of this development.

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AI innovations: How we design auditory brand communication

comevis makes a significant contribution to AI innovations, especially in the field of audio/voice solutions. Our C-Cloud Application Suite includes advanced functions for AI-supported analysis, management and generation of audio content.

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The VADio tools are a centrepiece of innovation at comevis. The VADio Tracker is used for branding purposes, for example, to check audio content for brand conformity. One example of this is the customisation for Telefonica O2 Deutschland, which shows how precisely comevis' AI technology can be used.

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The Creator, on the other hand, helps to optimise the service experience by providing situational sound design and high-quality synthetic voices, as in the case of VW, where it is used for real-time implementation of information in hotlines.

By providing these innovative AI-based audio/voice solutions, we actively support companies in their digital transformation. The technologies from comevis enable companies to strengthen their brand presence and improve customer interaction through the use of advanced AI technologies.

AI innovations as a future challenge

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We are facing exciting changes in the next 2-3 years. New models and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) will emerge, but their full scope and impact cannot yet be foreseen. In this context, new issues will arise that will also affect the Audible Experience at strategic and operational levels:

  • The perfection of texts: When will large language models be able to generate almost error-free texts? And what does this mean for auditory brand communication and the entire customer journey?

  • Multimodal content: How will image, video and audio generators and their combination influence the creative industry and content strategy?

  • The flood of automatically generated content: How will the internet deal with a wave of automated content? Can specialised models support brand recognition and filter generated content according to criteria?

The challenge for Germany and Europe is to gain control of these technologies in order to actively shape economic and social developments.

AI innovations: State of development today

AI models are crucial for the development of disruptive applications and new business models. Europe is currently facing particular challenges in this area, mainly due to the dominant market position of the USA.


  • Origin of AI models: 73% of basic AI models originated in the United States.

  • Market dominance: This dominance of the US poses a significant challenge to Europe's digital sovereignty and global competitiveness.

  • Demand for AI models:

    • Voice models: 71% demand

    • Multimodal models: 38% demand

    • Business-orientated models: 34% demand

The comevis management team. From left to right in the picture: Alexander Thesing (CCO), Stephan Vincent Nölke (CEO) and Patrick Claude Nölke (CDO).
The comevis management team. From left to right in the picture: Alexander Thesing (CCO), Stephan Vincent Nölke (CEO) and Patrick Claude Nölke (CDO).

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Europe's heavy reliance on American AI models, particularly in areas such as voice, multimodal and business-oriented models, emphasises the urgency of developing its own customised solutions. This requires not only improved computing capacity and data pools, but also increased training and consultancy to fully utilise the potential of AI.

It is crucial that Europe engages in the development and application of these technologies to promote economic and societal progress. The integration of AI into existing processes and the development of new applications are essential. Here, the concept of "AI made in Germany", which stands for high-quality and trustworthy AI solutions, plays a key role in strengthening Europe's ambitions in the global AI landscape.

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Portrait of Patrick Claude Nölke

"At comevis, we are at the forefront of AI innovations, particularly in auditory brand communication. As a member of the German AI Association, we are proud to be breaking new ground with our tools and actively shaping the digital transformation. Our technologies are not only a springboard for advanced communication solutions, but also a sign of our commitment to the future of AI-driven interactions."

Patrick Claude Nölke

Chief Digital Officer & Head of Innovation(AI/CX/UX)

comevis GmbH & Co. KG

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